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Friday, February 24, 2006

I knew she was real!

Toothfairy operates by mail for wisdom teeth. She sent me a card with a buck for each tooth. A BUCK! Awesome.

Pull my teeth, see if I care.

List of absolute vital implements in getting teeth pulled:
  1. Nitrous Oxide. When laughing gas is flowing through your brain, you don't care about anything! Case in point, stabby needles at my gums. I don't care. I laugh at your painful needles. Weird factor: it still hurts. You just don't care.
  2. Headphones: Could not feel a thing beacsue of the injections and could not smell anything (should there have been something to smell) because of the nitrous. Would not have heard anything had the dern song not ended just as he ripped out my lower tooth. CRUNCH! Yowza. Luckily, I did not care.. See above...
  3. Numbing injections: Cause seriously, I did not feel anything... not even my nose or the entire right side of my face for many hours.
  4. Strong pain killers: While I only took one, I was hurting before I took it and after, I was like "pain? What is pain?" My neck was even ache-free! That means something to those of you who have to suffer through the neck cracking. I am also not much one for popping pills, and I have only taken one. But I sure was glad for it. The rest I will sell on the black market to finance my new nitrous addiction. (kidding)
  5. Netflix: Because daytime tv is b.o.r.i.n.g.
  6. Mama: Because she let me get my neuroses all over her and still picked up the phone when I kept calling back to whine about the same thing.
  7. Toothfairy?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Off I go

Next time you hear from me, I will be holier than I am now. Off I go to have my teeth pulled. Wisdom teeth.. Teeth of intelligence... Gone.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Good Night!

I saw Good Night and Good Luck tonight. I have to say that my mind was mostly on the fact that I am having two items that I have grown quite attached to, literally, forcibly removed from my head tomorrow. (Wisdom teeth. I am over-terrifed about it. Usually I don't freak out this badly. I don't know why I am so worried.) So, I was not completely into the movie, right off the bat. But the film was pretty boring. I kept waiting for it to be over. It was an interesting concept, but told in a really bland way. In a sense, it was like watching an old history show for school. Bah. And outside the main characters, had I not recognized the actors, I would have thought they were all the same guy. Who were these characters? And why were they there? They were really expensive extras, in my opinion...
I was appalled at the treatment of people who were being accused of being communists. Jeepers, it was like the Salem witch trials. This was not too long ago. What will we accuse people of being next? Oh, right. Terrorist supporters. I hope that we manage to avoid throwing stones.

Good luck.