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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aw, Bugger!

The other day I was cleaning my bathroom when a humongous bug scurried past me. I shrieked in horror, as I am apparently very apt to do when I see a bug large enough to carry me away. Then I started yelling for Bill to come save me. Bill did not come. So I went and physically carried him into the bathroom where he was told to take care of the problem.
He sat on the floor and looked at me. I showed him the bug and he examined it, but then wanted to go back to staring out the living room window. So I locked him into the bathroom with strict instructions to dispose of the intruder.
15 minutes later, he is still sitting where I left him, and the bug is no where to be found. Now, Bill tends to destroy bugs, not eat them. This means that there is always a carcass. No carcass. What is the point of a cat if not to protect me from scary bugs? I was mad at him for days... Until today. I found the remains. He hid them to save me from the horror.