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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aw, Bugger!

The other day I was cleaning my bathroom when a humongous bug scurried past me. I shrieked in horror, as I am apparently very apt to do when I see a bug large enough to carry me away. Then I started yelling for Bill to come save me. Bill did not come. So I went and physically carried him into the bathroom where he was told to take care of the problem.
He sat on the floor and looked at me. I showed him the bug and he examined it, but then wanted to go back to staring out the living room window. So I locked him into the bathroom with strict instructions to dispose of the intruder.
15 minutes later, he is still sitting where I left him, and the bug is no where to be found. Now, Bill tends to destroy bugs, not eat them. This means that there is always a carcass. No carcass. What is the point of a cat if not to protect me from scary bugs? I was mad at him for days... Until today. I found the remains. He hid them to save me from the horror.


Anonymous Brian said...

where were the remains hidden, Scout has been known to leave "remains" for me at the front door, near my shoes, in doorways(kitchen, bedroom, bathroom) - so I have to see them as I walk through the door. Its here little way of saying "Look at what I do while you are away, I protect this house, what do the dogs do while you are gone besides sleep and watch tv?"

3/24/2009 03:49:00 PM  

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