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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Judging a magazine by its cover

I got my issue of the Washington Post's "Parade" today. The cover asked who the world's most wanted are. On the cover, with the expected Osama Bin Laden, is a Burundi ex-finance minister who made off with $6.5 million from her government. I expect we will see her popping up on the Hill or maybe being nominated into some Secretary position within the new administration.

Another face that is wanted is a MS-13 gang leader who is charged with attempted murder and escaped from jail. The dude has MS-13 tattooed across his face. I'm thinking that he is probably pretty easy to id. I can't quite tell, but his lips look tattooed, too. Can't cover THAT up with a bandanna. So everyone, be on the look out for a bandanna'd lipstick wearing fella.

Another most wanted is a former babysitter who was convicted of a sex-crime against a child. Seriously? He is most wanted in the world? The whole wide world? When they catch him, he will spend less time in prison than some kid who got busted buying some pot with grand plans to smoke it in his room and then eat all of his roommates Cool Ranch Doritos. (Though I personally believe that anyone who harms a kid in any manner should just simply be shot and save us all the hassle).

Dear Washington Post,
That was a strange group of people to put on your cover declaring "The World's Most Wanted". I have to believe there are people who have done worse things than the Cambodian police officer wanted for participating in an acid attack on a woman. Not to say that all people pictured on the magazine are not awful people. They probably are. However, "most wanted" is a strong term and I would expect these people to be wayyyy out of the league of the DC guys who attack their ex-girlfriends with flammable liquids and set them on fire.

Off to actually read the magazine now. Cheerio!


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