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Sunday, March 04, 2018

Oscars 2018

I apparently only update this page once a year now.

It's OSCARS time!!

As always, I tried to see as many of the films as I could, though I am sad to say I missed some pretty key ones, like Shape of Water and Call Me By Your Name. I did get to a lot of the shorts and have to say thank you to Comcast for making many of them available.

Here are my thoughts, going backwards up the ballot:

Short Film Animated
Garden Party was beautiful, but that story was dark! I liked it. I didn't see Lou, or Revolting Rhymes, so I am going to give it to Garden Party. Dear Basketball was not my favorite, because I don't like basketball and I remember other things Kobe has done. But I can see this being inspiring to kids and it will probably win. The animation is gorgeous, and Negative Space was a compelling tale that had more impact for me through the poem rather than the animation.

Short Film, Live Action
These were all amazing. But I liked The Silent Child best. I think DeKalb Elementary will win. It is stark, with good, straightforward acting and frankly, the timing couldn't be more right for its win.

Documentary Short
Boy, another good run! I liked Heroin(e) a lot. There was a lot to learn from that film. Another devastation with Traffic Stop in abuses against Black people. Then elder abuse in Edith & Eddie. I didn't see Knife Skills. I adored Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405. It was hopeful and interesting and boy is Mindy Alper an amazing artist. Heroin(e) will win.

Visual Effects
I have no idea. Blade Runner, says Vanity Fair. So, sure.

Film Editing
I'd like to see I, Tonya get this because they really made it look like Margot Robbie was out there spinning like a whirling dervish. It usually goes to a war flick, though. (Shrug) Maybe Dunkirk. I stick with my choice of I, Tonya.

Production Design
This should be either Darkest Hour or The Shape of Water.

This will go to Shape of Water or Dunkirk. I think the water aspect will put every one else out of competition. But everyone is saying Blade Runner. (Didn't see that either).

Costume Design
It can only go to Phantom Thread. I mean, it is a movie about making clothing.

Makeup and Hairstyle
Gary Oldman is unrecognizable as Winston Churchill. That team nailed it. And the extras all look very natural. It does not look all movie set-like. Darkest Hour. But man, what they did to Jacob Tremblay in Wonder is astounding.

Sound Mixing
Sheesh. I only saw one of these films. Um. They say Dunkirk, so, so do I, I guess.

Sound Editing
Again... I dunno. Dunkirk.

Original Song
I am really unprepared here. I haven't heard any of them. Can I pick Halsey? Is she nominated? Oh. Um, then "This is Me" from the Greatest Showman. Not for any other reason than someone predicted it.

Again no idea. You know what? I am not answering the ones I have no pick for, or no quippy response for. I have things to do! Like eat food and actually watch the show.

Documentary Feature
It will be Icarus, though Strong Island was powerful. But man, how did Icarus get so lucky with timing?? That film ended up being crazy.

Animated Feature

Adapted Screenplay
Call Me By Your Name

Original Screenplay
Aw crud. It's in the air for me between Get Out and The Big Sick. But apparently it will be Three Billboards. Hmm. Hopefully the Academy is a little more openminded and chooses something a bit more powerful. I want Get Out to win.

Supporting Actor
Sam Rockwell. Man, he was good.

Supporting Actress
Without question, Allison Janney.

Gary Oldman. Unless they get sentimental and fall for the "actor retiring" schtick. But I didn't see Phantom Thread, so I can't say how good Daniel Day Lewis was. But Gary Oldman was spectacular.

I thought these women were amazing. Though I love Meryl Streep, this is not an Academy Award winning performance. I did not see Sally Hawkins in this film, but wo doesn't love her? My issue with Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding was that she just comes across older and wiser than Tonya was. But at the same time, she really made the role hers. Saoirse is a queen and will have a billion oscar worthy roles to come. So winner is going to Frances McDormand. This was a complicated role and she really brought depth, fear, anger, hope, and every other emotion to the table.

I want Greta to win. One female nomination? I am still mad about Ava DuVernay not being nominated for Selma. I think it will be Guillermo Del Toro, but I'm still irritated with him for his annoyed look at Natalie Portman at the Golden Globes for the comment about the director nominations being all male. DUDE. Honestly, Jordan Peele should win. He made a very complicated movie. He crafted an art out of the violence that is the day to day life of Black people in America. He should win.

Best Picture
I am not super confident of my choices. I feel like I did not watch enough films. I also think I liked last year's batch better. This year was a bunch of white people fighting something. Boring. Also, I feel like a lot of the films we saw this year we've seen before. The Post? Oh my goodness. A newspaper. A big story. Will they publish? I'm on the edge of my seat. The only interesting part in that movie was Katherine Graham overcoming her propensity to back down to men, and why.
I loved Lady Bird, but I don't think it was the best film of the year. Dunkirk is just every war movie, only it's just the end part. Darkest Hour is just The Crown focusing on Churchill. I didn't see Call me By Your Name, Shape of Water, or Phantom Thread. I really enjoyed Three Billboards, but I don't see that as the best film this year. We never really got anywhere. It was all about how people go a little crazy when they are left alone, with no real hope of help, to fixate on a major issue in their lives? Or else it's about how people shouldn't live in Missouri? Why the coveralls? Mildred wasn't a farmer, or a gardner, a mechanic, or any other person who needed to live in coveralls.
Get Out should win. It is the only film, besides maybe Three Billboards, that captures the Zeitgeist of the year.