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Friday, June 08, 2012

This has to be love.

I think we should get married. I know this may seem out of the blue, but I find myself thinking about you all of the time. You just make things better. I like that you have a bit of a bite, but you're also a little sweet. I noticed that you are fancy, but I think that will just force me to work a little harder, you know?

I am concerned about the fact that I don't know where you come from. You said something about PA, but I am pretty sure you are not ethnically American. It's cool. Neither am I. We can help each other to expand our horizons.

You are quite a bit older than me, but I dunno. I have always related well to the war-child generation. But I have to admit 1930 is a reach, even for my state of mind. Do you think we can do it? I don't want people to think ill of me. Especially your relatives that are not quite as mild as you. They could really do some damage, I'm sure.

One last thing, before you slip your rings on me... What's the connection to bananas? I'm curious because my bestie is allergic. It's a looks thing, right?

Hey, if forever is too long for you, I understand. Though with your being pickled and my having bought a  large jar, I assume you and I will be together for a solid run. Let's make it a good one. I need dates outside of just sandwiches and nachos.