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Friday, January 30, 2009

Slow news day...

Omigosh you guys!!111!11! Elisabeth Hasselbeck is PREGNANT with the third baby!!!1!1!1 She announced on the must see show "The View"! The estrogen levels must have been through the roof with the excitement of another little right wing baby. This news trumps all other stories. Elisabeth Hasselbeck!!!!!1!1!!!! Another Baby!!!1!!!!
Who cares?

In other news, fark.com has a synopsis of a news story about Gov. Blagojevich that I wish I had written for it is simply hairific, er... mane-nificent! Well, I guess it is obvious that I could never write a gem like this, but I can parade around with it like a middle aged man does with an 18 year old girl.

"Fearing he may have toupee for his blunders, Blago now wants to combover and clear the hair in trial's closing statements. Fail tag waits in the wings, bangs at door. Bouffant"

Monday, January 26, 2009

How is this for transparency?

Timothy Geithner must have some pretty damning blackmail material to have been voted into the role of Treasury Secretary 60-34. Oh sure, it was merely a mistake that he forgot to pay his taxes. No biggie. He paid them eventually right? So much for holding our new cabinet to a higher standard.

C'mon. We can do better than this.

FCPS. No more grade deflating.

Fairfax County schools decided to adopt the 10 point grading scale. Before this was passed, they graded on a 94-100=A scale. This is crap! I want them to adjust my school transcripts and give me the grades that everyone else in the country earned while I was being given A's, er, B's. (But would have been A's. Trust me).

(People who knew me in high school, do not rat me out).

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What's your pledge?

My day started early on the 19th, as in 5am early. EARLY! Of course the alarms blared and I frantically, blindly hit three different snooze buttons and managed to eke out a couple of extra minutes of sleep before getting my heinie out to SE DC for the ServiceNation breakfast at Ballou High School.

The highlight of the morning was a speech given by Georgia Rep. John Lewis whose wit and wisdom was so very wonderful during this exciting time, and in light of the experiences of his lifetime. A panel including California First Lady Maria Shriver, CA reps. Doris Matsui and George Miller, moderated by Time managing editor Richard Stengel brought many issues to light as well as some interesting plans to help solve them. Bringing volunteer service to the nation was obviously on the forefront of the agenda and Maria Shriver’s comments on promoting volunteerism as a major piece of legislation was insightful. Her point was that volunteers help the economy and make for an all around better society, which in all truth is something we desperately need.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore presented a video they made with their “pledge to action”. You can watch it here. This was a great event and now I ask you to make a pledge to help our country. You can go here to find volunteer opportunities in your area.

I pledge to be not get so stressed out in traffic; to not waste so much water; to be available to help out my fellow man. Oh, and volunteer, too.

What's your pledge?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Oh, the seventies. What a crazy time: love-ins, protests against war, long hair, hippies, free love. Crazy time. We were just decrying the free love aspect of the era because a friend of mine, who would like to know who her dad is, is having a hard time finding him because, well, who was not loving whom at the time? Besides, it was free love. Therefore, last names not needed, right? It was a time for loving. I was born in the seventies. Though while my mom did want to see “Hair”, my dad was not thrilled about his wife seeing a bunch of youngsters with long hair and no clothes on. (He had short hair and generally donned clothing). So, needless to say, I was not the result of “free love”. I did try to convince my parents I was adopted (for sake of drama which I felt was severely lacking in my young life), but that is a story for another time. Besides, they kept telling me that I was the result of them wanting me, which is ridiculously boring. I was certain that I came from Gypsies (as is obvious from my fair skin).

This is a long and wildly spiraling intro to the fact that I saw the movie “Milk”. This is a fantastic film. I have been feeling wildly adrift for a while, with nothing to focus my attentions on. I have always wondered if I would be a better, more interesting person if I had had some serious issues to deal with growing up. My mother had to grow up having nothing in Germany in WWII. She is by far the deepest, most interesting person I have ever met. Me? I throw bread away when it has past its expiry date. Yup. Don’t tell my mother. I believe she might disown me for that.

Harvey Milk actively engages the residents of his little corner of San Francisco to act in creating awareness/rights for gay citizens. He makes it his life to establish equality for gays, not only in SF, but all over the US. On his fortieth birthday, he complains to his lover that he has lived all these years without having done anything. Then he spends the next eight promoting the greatest gay rights movement. It is almost unfathomable to learn that people were being arrested for being a “homosexual in a bar”. One Senator states that gays will be found and arrested. This brought to mind images of nose measuring Nazi’s. The size of your nose does not make you Jewish. How on Earth were they going to measure gayness?

I also really liked James Franco in his role as Scott. While not a huge role, he truly gave the character a lot of depth and warmth. I feel like it’s his first real “grown up” role, which is probably not true, but I feel like I only ever see him playing a silly stoner. (No need to tell me which roles he did not play a stoner in. I am merely too lazy to IMDB him right now).

I wish I could find the something to have such passion about. Imagine the changes that have occurred in this world because Harvey Milk was not afraid to stand up and fight for what he believed in. I have a very big place in my heart for people like him. It warms my spirit to know that such people exist and not only exist but are truly loved for what they do. Every now and then I get overwhelmed by the people who live to destroy. It crushes some very vital part of me when I hear about a zealot whose own fears cause him/her to violently lash out. The levels of violence some people go to terrifies me, so when I see someone like Milk who didn't allow fear to prevent him from moving forward with his cause, I become revitalized.

I hope I learned something.

American Idol is back

And I am writing about it where a write up belongs. Go to my other blog to read my cheeky review.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bah. b Ha BAH...

One thing that makes me grit my teeth in frustration is bloggers who don't update their dang blog (see JT). No, see ME! It's awful. I just don't write when I don't feel like I have something that interests me to write about. But as Harmony says, free thought writing can turn into interesting reading. I like that girl, so I am opting to take her comments to heart.

Truth is that I am floundering a bit. I don't know which direction to head. I haven't gone searching for a job because I left my last job due to absolute boredom. I don't want to take on another position in which 90% of my time is spent trying to look like I have something to do. I am a "wear my emotions on my sleeve" kind of person and faking looking busy is not on my resume. I also don't want to work in a place where upward mobility is severely limited. C'mon! Give me a chance to work my way up!

People are constantly asking me what I want to do. Which is nice, because they honestly care, but the fact is that I just don't know. I can tell you what I don't want, but I have no idea what I do want. The last 8 or so years have merely fed into my negativity towards employment versus inspiring my drive to be an exemplary employee.

So I have thought harder. I want to be fired up! I want to have ideas. I want to be inspired. However, in the past few years, any of this kind of thinking on my part has been shot down. Unless of course it was an inspired idea of how to get my boss to be able to fly first class versus business for no additional cost.

Ack. I am whining. Now you understand why I am not writing more often?