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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dave Yaden

A friend of mine just released his first video. Please click the link to watch it. When he gets all famous and stuff, I want to say that I had something to do with it.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sometimes I get a free meal, too

I do Meals on Wheels every week or so and get to spend a little bit of time with some really neat people. It is true that most of them just want their food, but other seem to relish a chance to chat with someone, especially someone who (looks) is a bit younger. So I bounce in and deliver a hot meal and look to see if there is anything I can help them out with.

Today I went to see one of my favorite ladies, Mrs. L. who is over 90 and from a Spanish speaking country. I have not gotten to ask her where she originated from yet. She fell down earlier this week and hurt her hand. She was struggling with a scarf she was attempting to assign duties as sling to. She asked for my help and I did my best to strangle her with it. Just kidding, but that was the outcome, sort of. So we contemplated other solutions. How about the actual sling she received from the hospital? It was too complicated for her to do alone. But together we got her arm to rest comfortably in a blue velcroed embrace and she was happy. SOO happy.

Every time I see Mrs. L. she tells me that helping people now is setting the stage for my future. The pay it forward kind of thing. Honestly, I feel like I am paying back for all the blessings I have already received.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Goodbye 35. You were a good year.

Dear 35,
You were a pretty good year. I met you in Chicago. While one of your first experiences with me was to deal with some serious arseholes at Stanley’s, we had an otherwise fun day. I spent much of the first part of you traipsing around the country. I finally got to meet some of my cousins and truly get to know my aunt. I don’t need to bring up the glory that was the road trip. It is documented on this here blog for all to see. Boy, I would like to do it again.

This year, I finally painted the apartment, though I have some reparations to make due to an unseemingly large orange monster who unceremoniously jumped onto shelves I had adhered to a wall with careful measuring and drilling. They came down, along with the cat and a bunch of ceramic mice that I have collected over the years, with what I can only assume was a bang as I was not home at the time of the crime. As I came upon the scene, it was carnage. Wall pieces were strewn about and dead (ceramic) mice lay scattered all over the place. Even my precious Tiffany frame, given to me by my old boss, framed only broken glass.

I took the GRE’s. While studying, I learned that I have been very confidently using impressive words incorrectly. Swell! But I did okay on the test, even though I showed up late and had to bribe my way in. I sweated over yet another entrance essay, but it was all apparently enough because I found myself accepted into American University’s Film program.

After sitting home watching TV (research!) for far too long, I begged my way into a waitressing position at a local restaurant where I now get to suffer the indignities of being hit on by the guys at my tables. I believe I was even approached to be the third in a threesome. (They left a note for me to come to their home). I foresee a book in my future. “Don’t hit on your server: and other great pieces of advice”. (That’s copyrighted, so don’t get any ideas).

My niece graduated high school. She will officially be half my age soon. Gag.

I bought myself a sweet scooter which now lives on my neighbors back patio because my association won’t let me put it anywhere because they suck and so do my neighbors. Seriously, you guys need to get some hobbies so you can do things other than complain all the time. (Okay, so it is in the condo’s bylaws that I can’t tie a scooter to a sign, but geez). Now the scooter won’t run because it has been sitting for so long. Awesome use of $1000.

Now that I am 36, I feel so mature. (Heh). But I am curious how this year will pan out for me. I am officially a student again and will be learning something I am super interested in. I will be broker than broke. (Back to listening to the ATM, hoping for the money sound). In December, I will be older than my brother ever got to be. That’s just weird.

Welcoming in 36 included oatmeal, frozen yogurt, and fondue and silliness and my family and my best friend. The night shift included sister, Laura, Marci, and a bunch of wildly drunk and rather annoying early 20 something year olds. Turns out I AM too old for the Ballroom. But laughing with my girls will never grow old!