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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sometimes I get a free meal, too

I do Meals on Wheels every week or so and get to spend a little bit of time with some really neat people. It is true that most of them just want their food, but other seem to relish a chance to chat with someone, especially someone who (looks) is a bit younger. So I bounce in and deliver a hot meal and look to see if there is anything I can help them out with.

Today I went to see one of my favorite ladies, Mrs. L. who is over 90 and from a Spanish speaking country. I have not gotten to ask her where she originated from yet. She fell down earlier this week and hurt her hand. She was struggling with a scarf she was attempting to assign duties as sling to. She asked for my help and I did my best to strangle her with it. Just kidding, but that was the outcome, sort of. So we contemplated other solutions. How about the actual sling she received from the hospital? It was too complicated for her to do alone. But together we got her arm to rest comfortably in a blue velcroed embrace and she was happy. SOO happy.

Every time I see Mrs. L. she tells me that helping people now is setting the stage for my future. The pay it forward kind of thing. Honestly, I feel like I am paying back for all the blessings I have already received.


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