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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Theatre sports make me a better sport

I want to get back into acting. It was a passion of my youth that I allowed to get away. Truth be told, I simply was not prepared to be successful back then. Don't honestly know if I am prepared now. But I want to give it a whirl. As I say to my friends, if I fail, I want to fail spectacularly. That way I won't wonder what could have been in my future days.

Tonight I joined an awesome group for improv games. It was my first time, and they have been practicing for a while. I had so much fun, though I recognized a couple of my own short comings. We did a game that involves singing songs. I didn't realize before how much my fear of singing in front of people affects me. Apparently I get so blocked that I can't even think of lyrics to nursery rhymes. To get through the game I had to be fed the lyrics to Mary Had A Little Lamb. (It's true).

By the end of the evening, I felt comfortable with the group. What a great place to try out new material. I am so excited to see where my involvement with this group leads!

Afterwards, two of my group mates and I went for drinks and spoke about our hopeful career path trajectory. Just in that brief time, the idea I have for a sitcom was elevated immensely. It is so vital to have a group of like-minded people around you that help you fully realize your dream (and you theirs). I am wildly grateful.


Blogger Pinky said...

Love u girl! Its going to be an awesome fun adventure. Can't wait to get together again! As per your acting dream here is my motto- How many times do you need to fail before you get what you want?....As many as it takes ;)

4/24/2009 11:11:00 PM  

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