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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Octomom, bringing the world together

I was buying ice cream at the grocery store the other day and watching an extremely slow woman placing her goods on the conveyor belt before me. She was talking on the phone to someone who no doubt was very exciting and important, about things that would definitely eventually come to light as the very steps we need to follow in order to procure world peace.

Her daughter was reaching over the grocery cart, not to help unload it, but rather to grab a tabloid with a blurb about the Octo-mom. She gasped in pleasure and yanked the glossy from its place amongst Jennifer Aniston/John Mayer stories and waved it at her mother. The headline blared that some babies may be taken away from the Octo-mom. The two quietly high fived each other (so as not to disturb mom’s important phone call) and the child spent the rest of her time in line examining the cover picture and caption with delight.

Really? I mean, yes I get caught up in pop culture references too, but high fiving? What do their conversations sound like over the dinner table? And does that mom ever get off the phone?


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