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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Parking is a special treat.

Parking has become quite a highly sought after commodity in my neighborhood. It's always been a problem, but lately it has become an art. I can't figure out why they can't assign one spot for each condo and leave the rest open. But then people would park in the open spots and leave their own empty in case someone came to visit. I Argh!
I have taken to parking illegally, as I don't know what else to do. Should I park somewhere and then take a cab home? It's so frustrating. It is not like I can turn around and go home if I don't find a space to place my car into, I AM HOME.
When I do park illegally, I have been leaving a note in my windshield that states "The parking situation in this neighborhood is ridiculous. Should I have to walk 3 blocks just to get home?" I figure if they are going to ticket me, they should at least know why I am doing what I do.
By the way, people of my city, you are welcome for all the things bought with the money from my copious parking tickets. (You too, DC.)

Monday, December 17, 2007

Tales Of Mere Existence

Oh my goodness...Now do you understand why I STILL have not written my essay?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I want to be Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins takes crap from no one! When the children accuse her of putting ideas into people’s heads (which she did in coercing Mr. Banks to take the children to the bank with him) she says “what an impertinent idea”! When Mr. Banks confronts her to “explain her actions” she states “Let me make one thing very clear! I never explain myself”. Excellent! I only get myself into MORE trouble when I explain myself. Good lesson, Mary Poppins!

When uncle whatshisname is floating around the ceiling in a fit of laughter, she does the difficult thing of keeping her composure so as to restore order. She is responsible!

She allows the children and herself fun in everything they do without ever losing her comportment.

Mary notices everything and takes things into consideration. She teaches the children to appreciate the little old bird woman. Most people would only see St. Paul’s cathedral, and maybe scoff at the dirty woman covered in pigeons. But she sees the beauty in this woman’s life and expects the children to value all life through this lesson.

When Jane and Michael are being impertinent and not going to sleep, she says that’s fine. “Stay awake, don’t rest your heads” and soon enough they are sound asleep.

In the end, she squares her shoulders and heads into the wind in order to tackle the next families issues. She is forced to love and leave all the time. Difficult life this “practically perfect in every way” woman chose.

I could go on forever about Mary Poppins. I love this movie, but more importantly, I love this character. I think she is one tough cookie and I want to be just like Mary Poppins.

Spit spot!

Merry Christmas indeed!

My boss showed me a note his 8 year old son wrote to Santa.

"Dear Santa, Please may I have a puppy or a kitten? Also, could poor people please have one or two presents for Christmas, and shelter? I think you are nice for giving everyone presents. Sincerely, (Kid)".

Um, now my ovaries are screaming for attention. DAMMIT!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Top o'the mahrnin' to ya.

I'm a O70-C64-E74-A44-N18 Big Five!!