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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Two, Class two

I got to school this morning and bought myself a coffee, in a {gasp} paper cup! Contraband at this school. I have already been reprimanded twice. So, note to self, bring a reusable coffee cup.

I already feel more at home amongst the wee littles and my fellow grad students. I can even say hi to some people by name. It helps that most of us first year film students are in all the same classes. They also make us put name cards up so that they know our names.

Today was my writing class. I have to write a five page silent film treatment by next class. Instead I am sitting here writing a blog to you. (You're welcome).

Today is my mentor's birthday and I brought him a little cupcake on which I wrote, with blue frosting, "Happy Birthday". I made it all through class with it intact and then while speaking to a classmate, I spazzed out and randomly shook the Gladware. Now it says _~() @~thday. Grr...

I am chilling out here in the lounge (literally. It's freezing in here). I should be doing my homework. Lord knows we've got plenty to do. I tried reading while eating what was called a taco salad, but was more like fancy nachos, but the reading was so boring that I believe I need to be in a prone position on the big yellow couch in order to engage in it. I could be working on my five page treatment, but I reading emails instead. Jeepers. Where does this procrastination gene come from? Mama?

I just looked up and some girl was staring at me. She did that thing where you pretend you were looking at something else when she saw me look up. It makes me wonder what else I am doing while I type. I am fairly certain my face reacts to what I read or write. I'd be embarrassed, but I kind of don't have that particular self consciousness.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Day one, class one.

First day of Graduate school. (Should that be capitalized?)

I was so nervous this morning. I took a shower and tried to pretty myself up. First impressions... But then the realization of sitting and listening to someone for 5+ hours made me dress in my most comfy jeans and my well worn blue Chucks. Topped the whole thing off with a bright orange t-shirt advertising the BC Lions. Yup, wanna be seen as I scurry across the busy road that keeps the parking lot away from my new school. I look like I am dressed with the intention of looking young. Not my intention at all. I am merely inept at dressing cute and comfortable at the same time.

Walking to my building, I looked around at all the prostrate bodies on the quad. It is really hot today and I am afraid that someone should check to make sure that they did not just melt on their way back to their dorms. They are all so young. SO YOUNG. I feel a little old. Speaking of, my niece's first day in college is today, too. Ack. I am running around with people my little bitty tiny niece's age.

I got here early and am hanging around in my classroom with no one else around. I really hope I am in the right room. I also hope no one catches me writing this. Oops. Too late. My classmates are slowly trickling in. Our professor popped his head in and was rather surprised to see a couple of us already in here. What can we say? We are eager to learn.

It is intimidating walking into a new situation. I feel totally awkward and don't know anyone. Still, I like that I feel this way. I know it is going to get to a point where I do know people, and my way around and I won't feel so invisible/obvious at the same time.

Well, here we go! Class number one. More later!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bon Appetit?

So Marci, Crispy C and I saw "Julie and Julia" today. It was a cute movie, especially the Julia story arc. Meryl Streep is beyond amazing and I will never have enough of Stanley Tucci.

Marci and I have been contemplating our kitchens and what lies hidden in the cabinets behind the cans of tuna and beans, and in the fridge under the Greek yogurt and berries. So, inspired by the film, we decided to challenge ourselves to forage in our kitchens for food for the next two weeks and see what happens. I am certain I can feed myself for even longer with what I have in there, but lets not go crazy here.

For me, the interesting part lies in what kind of dishes we will come up with based on random ingredients we have on hand instead of heading to the store to pick things up. Marci wants to see how little money she can spend.

Stayed tuned.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Late night ramblings.

Oh my goodness. I am so bored. I am doing the same thing day in and day out and I don't know how to extract myself from the jaws of boredom.

How do people do it? I know there are people who never stray from their routine. They don't have ants for whom they must devise a plan to eradicate. (My plan was to spray their path with ant killer, wipe it up, and then mop the area with clorox. But I see MORE! What the ...? Not the excitement I am looking for).

I want some excitement. I want grown up excitement. An exciting new friend. An interesting new hobby for which I may or may not have great talent . A man who is man enough to handle my independence.

What is wrong with me that I can't seem to find my own excitement? Blah. Can't we go out and rock this world? At least the DC area?

I was out with a friend recently and we spoke about the Twilight books and the film "Wanted". We decided that guys fantasize about being an average schmo until someone comes and gets them and trains them to be an assassin. They (guys) want to believe they have the capacity to be impressive, they just have not had the opportunity to show their inclinations. The hot chick who demonstrates the guy's innate hotness to the evil ex-girlfriend does not hurt either. The movie is basically is male fantasy come to film and my friend was not impressed by it.

Then we talked about how much girls like the Twilight series and why. Every girl seems to want a date spectacular guy who really wants to be with her and not for sex, but rather for HER. Just for her being her.

I had to laugh because I really hated the Twilight books. I don't need some whiny boy who sparkles in sunlight. But hell if I didn't like Wanted. I feel like I would make a great spy. I am great at accents. I feel like I could make a bullet bend and if a hot guy wanted to make my ex feel like crap, I would be super cool with that.

So, I wanna be a spy... but the kind that does not wind up in jail for treason.

Monday, August 10, 2009

What's up?

Oh, there are so many things I could be doing instead of what I am doing which is watching crappy television whilst screwing around on my new Mac which is so very awesome that I don't even stop to notice how very out of breath this run-on sentence is making me.

I also have wee little tiny ants that have some sort of vacation resort somewhere under my desk. These beasts are seeing me as a buffet, I think. Did you know sugar ants bite? I have a vast reservoir of curse words that leak out of me like a water through a sieve every time I find one dangling from me by his (teeth?) mouth. But where are they coming from? I have wiped the whole area down and even put highly toxic traps out that my cat was wildly intrigued by, which then left me to check on his breathing every 22.2 seconds because while I hide the traps in areas that the cat should not be able to reach, I am neurotic and have become a crazy cat lady. This, a combination that leads to extraordinary craziness. At least in me... But at least I am extraordinary in some manner, right?

I have been scouring the internet looking for baptism gifts for my cousins two little girls. I have no idea what to get them.(ANT!*). I was thinking little sterling silver ladybug bracelets. Are bracelets stupid for people under the age of three?

School starts for me in a couple of weeks. I am fired up, but at the same time Homework! Tests! Classrooms! Argh! Yet, I am excited because it will give me some structure in addition to the fact that I am learning to make movies. MOVIES! Fun! I was in our bookstore looking for some sweet apparel to don while proudly advertising the school, with clothing I paid full price for, to which I will be fully indebted to ($40K each year) for the next three years. Alas, nothing appealed to me. Maybe I am becoming more frugal. I certainly hope so. I make something like $4 a month.

I dreamed that Heidi Klum and I were buddies the other night. She was all pretty and pregnant and selling sweatshirts at some fair. I have been dreaming in German a lot lately. I think I need to practice the language more because I ordered my mother's birthday present online yesterday and had to call the shop in Germany. I kept forgetting words, which totally sucks when speaking to a German in Germany because they are no where as lenient with the random inclusions of English words into the dialogue. But I got it done.

Well, now I am hungry.

*killed an ant. One down 2,027,826,292 to go.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Random thought

How can we be expected to trust in a man with a comb-over when he is lying to himself? Cut it off and face the facts. You are better looking bald.

One time (at band camp) I saw a Senator with a comb-over (names withheld in case I need him to do something for me someday). His comb-over got caught in the wind and was flailing mightily a solid foot above his head. Impressive.