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Monday, August 24, 2009

Day one, class one.

First day of Graduate school. (Should that be capitalized?)

I was so nervous this morning. I took a shower and tried to pretty myself up. First impressions... But then the realization of sitting and listening to someone for 5+ hours made me dress in my most comfy jeans and my well worn blue Chucks. Topped the whole thing off with a bright orange t-shirt advertising the BC Lions. Yup, wanna be seen as I scurry across the busy road that keeps the parking lot away from my new school. I look like I am dressed with the intention of looking young. Not my intention at all. I am merely inept at dressing cute and comfortable at the same time.

Walking to my building, I looked around at all the prostrate bodies on the quad. It is really hot today and I am afraid that someone should check to make sure that they did not just melt on their way back to their dorms. They are all so young. SO YOUNG. I feel a little old. Speaking of, my niece's first day in college is today, too. Ack. I am running around with people my little bitty tiny niece's age.

I got here early and am hanging around in my classroom with no one else around. I really hope I am in the right room. I also hope no one catches me writing this. Oops. Too late. My classmates are slowly trickling in. Our professor popped his head in and was rather surprised to see a couple of us already in here. What can we say? We are eager to learn.

It is intimidating walking into a new situation. I feel totally awkward and don't know anyone. Still, I like that I feel this way. I know it is going to get to a point where I do know people, and my way around and I won't feel so invisible/obvious at the same time.

Well, here we go! Class number one. More later!


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