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Monday, August 10, 2009

What's up?

Oh, there are so many things I could be doing instead of what I am doing which is watching crappy television whilst screwing around on my new Mac which is so very awesome that I don't even stop to notice how very out of breath this run-on sentence is making me.

I also have wee little tiny ants that have some sort of vacation resort somewhere under my desk. These beasts are seeing me as a buffet, I think. Did you know sugar ants bite? I have a vast reservoir of curse words that leak out of me like a water through a sieve every time I find one dangling from me by his (teeth?) mouth. But where are they coming from? I have wiped the whole area down and even put highly toxic traps out that my cat was wildly intrigued by, which then left me to check on his breathing every 22.2 seconds because while I hide the traps in areas that the cat should not be able to reach, I am neurotic and have become a crazy cat lady. This, a combination that leads to extraordinary craziness. At least in me... But at least I am extraordinary in some manner, right?

I have been scouring the internet looking for baptism gifts for my cousins two little girls. I have no idea what to get them.(ANT!*). I was thinking little sterling silver ladybug bracelets. Are bracelets stupid for people under the age of three?

School starts for me in a couple of weeks. I am fired up, but at the same time Homework! Tests! Classrooms! Argh! Yet, I am excited because it will give me some structure in addition to the fact that I am learning to make movies. MOVIES! Fun! I was in our bookstore looking for some sweet apparel to don while proudly advertising the school, with clothing I paid full price for, to which I will be fully indebted to ($40K each year) for the next three years. Alas, nothing appealed to me. Maybe I am becoming more frugal. I certainly hope so. I make something like $4 a month.

I dreamed that Heidi Klum and I were buddies the other night. She was all pretty and pregnant and selling sweatshirts at some fair. I have been dreaming in German a lot lately. I think I need to practice the language more because I ordered my mother's birthday present online yesterday and had to call the shop in Germany. I kept forgetting words, which totally sucks when speaking to a German in Germany because they are no where as lenient with the random inclusions of English words into the dialogue. But I got it done.

Well, now I am hungry.

*killed an ant. One down 2,027,826,292 to go.


Blogger melissa said...

Have you seen the SNL skit where they pretend that Christian Siriano is making a new Bravo reality show, and Heidi Klum makes an appearance? Hilarious.

Have fun with school!! It will be fun in a weird way, I'm sure!

8/10/2009 06:07:00 PM  

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