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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bon Appetit?

So Marci, Crispy C and I saw "Julie and Julia" today. It was a cute movie, especially the Julia story arc. Meryl Streep is beyond amazing and I will never have enough of Stanley Tucci.

Marci and I have been contemplating our kitchens and what lies hidden in the cabinets behind the cans of tuna and beans, and in the fridge under the Greek yogurt and berries. So, inspired by the film, we decided to challenge ourselves to forage in our kitchens for food for the next two weeks and see what happens. I am certain I can feed myself for even longer with what I have in there, but lets not go crazy here.

For me, the interesting part lies in what kind of dishes we will come up with based on random ingredients we have on hand instead of heading to the store to pick things up. Marci wants to see how little money she can spend.

Stayed tuned.


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