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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day Two, Class two

I got to school this morning and bought myself a coffee, in a {gasp} paper cup! Contraband at this school. I have already been reprimanded twice. So, note to self, bring a reusable coffee cup.

I already feel more at home amongst the wee littles and my fellow grad students. I can even say hi to some people by name. It helps that most of us first year film students are in all the same classes. They also make us put name cards up so that they know our names.

Today was my writing class. I have to write a five page silent film treatment by next class. Instead I am sitting here writing a blog to you. (You're welcome).

Today is my mentor's birthday and I brought him a little cupcake on which I wrote, with blue frosting, "Happy Birthday". I made it all through class with it intact and then while speaking to a classmate, I spazzed out and randomly shook the Gladware. Now it says _~() @~thday. Grr...

I am chilling out here in the lounge (literally. It's freezing in here). I should be doing my homework. Lord knows we've got plenty to do. I tried reading while eating what was called a taco salad, but was more like fancy nachos, but the reading was so boring that I believe I need to be in a prone position on the big yellow couch in order to engage in it. I could be working on my five page treatment, but I reading emails instead. Jeepers. Where does this procrastination gene come from? Mama?

I just looked up and some girl was staring at me. She did that thing where you pretend you were looking at something else when she saw me look up. It makes me wonder what else I am doing while I type. I am fairly certain my face reacts to what I read or write. I'd be embarrassed, but I kind of don't have that particular self consciousness.


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There is no key to happiness, only a ladder...................................................

1/26/2010 06:37:00 AM  

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