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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Oscars 2016

Ah yes, it's that time again for me to take to my computer to make the words about the Oscar noms this year.
I made a fairly big effort to see as many films as I could, but this year so many of the nominees are still in the theater come awards time. I think it's a real bummer that they won't be available to rent until after the Oscars. I think that was a failure on the business side, because people, like me, try to prep for the show. But maybe people wait to see who wins before watching films? I don't know. I like to know who people are, so when they give speeches, I am more invested.

Off to my picks, because that's why you're here, right????

I am not going to censor myself, so be careful if you don't want a film ruined. Personally, you can't really ruin a film for me. I am always more fascinated how they get there, than by specific moments. But I had Silence of the Lambs ruined for me, and I wonder how much more impactful the film might have been, had I not known what I did. And the Crying Game was not ruined for me and hoo boy! I was taken completely by surprise. What I am trying to say is read carefully from this point on.

These are the movies I saw:
Bridge of Spies
The Martian
Mad Max: Fury Road
Steve Jobs
The Danish Girl
Inside Out
Shaun the Sheep Movie
Ex Machina

I did sit down to listen to all of the songs nominated and liked Sam Smith's "Writing's on the wall", it sounds very much like a Bond film song. The opera from Youth is lovely, but Lady Gaga's "Til it happens to you" from The Hunting Ground was my favorite.

I did not watch any foreign language films this year, which is super weird for me, and I missed all of the Docs, too. Though The Look of Silence is for rent on iTunes for 99 cents currently.

Original Screenplay: It will be Spotlight, but I think Inside Out is a better, more original script. Though I know that's not what they meant by "original" screenplay.

Adapted Screenplay: It will be The Big Short, which I did not see, so...

Visual Effects: This is tough, but I really think that they did an amazing job with Ex Machina.

Directing: Personally I think this should go to Lenny Abrahamson from Room because he got gorgeously nuanced performances from 2 people in a small space. The performance from Jacob Tremblay is remarkable and Abrahamson was likely a huge reason for that success. But it will probably go to Iñárritu.
Animated Feature: Inside Out. No question.

Actor in Supporting Role: Mark Rylance was so charming as the spy in Bridge of Spies. My favorite bit was when Hanks' character asked him if he never worried, and he answered "would it help?"

Actress in Supporting Role: It should be Alicia Vikander. She is so splendid in this role. When she is begging Lili for her husband back, my heart broke in 70 places.

Actor in Leading Role: It's gonna be Leo, but man, Eddie Redmayne is so magical. And I gave his Oscar last year to Michael Keaton. Do you remember Eddie's speech last year? He was adorable. I want to see what he'd say again.
I wish the Oscars would go to the person who deserves it for the role they get it for. Leo should have gotten it for What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I am not sure about this Revenant film. But that's just me.

Actress in a Leading Role: Brie Larson. No question. She conveys the resignation, fear, protectiveness, and claustrophobia so tangibly that I was uncomfortable (and heartbroken) while watching.

Best picture: Oh sheesh, I dunno. I think it will be the Big Short, or Spotlight. I didn't see the Big Short. Spotlight was great, but not really a new topic, or shot in a new way. The films I saw were all wonderful and beautiful in their own ways, but none of them challenged me to a point where I can state definitively that I would pick one over another.

I do believe they were wrong in not nominating Beasts of No Nation.