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Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm addicted. What happened? I was so not into it. I signed up and surveyed and announced that NO, this is NOT for me. A year goes by. I check in again. Nope. Still stoopid.

I go see Kathy Griffin at DAR Constitution Hall with Angel and am entertained by her calling the messaging on this social networking device "twatting". But I'm still not in.

My friends are on it. Clussy was making comments and having conversations with our friends that I was missing and Marci can't access FB at work, so Twitter is her line to the outside world. Well, we were missing each other. What to do? So, about a year ago, I started checking. I hate missing out on crap. Then I realized I could stalk my favorite celebrities and pretend that they are my pals. THEN I realized the glories of the hashtag subtext. It's like getting to whisper like Brick on "The Middle".

Suddenly I am checking Twitter compulsively. I am writing to people I have never met like we are besties and I am sharing all the very important details of my very important life with the people who follow me so that they can pretend that we are pals (Okay, so most of them are pals. Details...).

Does this make me a modern woman? Yes, lets say that. Yep.


Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Math Lab

I have a story idea:

Jon is addicted to math. He has been holed up in a little cabin he built for himself in his parents’ backyard, working on a proof that is seemingly unsolvable. The walls are covered in math problems. He can do nothing but math. His friends and family stage an intervention, taking his calculators away, but he uses an abacus. He goes to elementary schools to tutor kids, only to fill out their entire math workbooks. To help him kick his math habit, his friends introduce him to literature. This backfires as he becomes a heroine addict.