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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Ugh, Again?

There was another shooting today. This time in Santa Monica, California. I saw the headline in my newsfeed. I disregarded it. I'm over shootings, I thought to myself.


The headlines updated and suddenly 6 people were dead. There was a mention that Obama was going to speak nearby. I have friends in Santa Monica. I have been there. I teach at a University. Still, ugh... more campus shootings?

It's flawed. We're flawed. I have friends/family who are behind the 2nd amendment blah blah blah. We can see, however, (right?) that this whole process of freedom of gun ownership is flawed? Over the holidays I went shooting with my brother-in-law and his kids, my niece and nephew. Prior to doing anything, we were carefully educated on each weapon. We were taught to handle the gun and respect it. There was a point where a car left the park. We did not shoot as they left, though they were not in the direction of the shooting range. Respect. But not everyone respects weapons as my brother-in-law does.

I don't understand how this country hangs their hat on the constitution, particularly the amendments. Obviously the amendments were changes made to the original document. The right to bear arms is an amendment.  This Country's forefathers were more intelligent than our current regime, I must assume, because they understood that this freedom establishing document was a living document and that it would change as our country took shape.

I trained with Fairfax County cops to be a marksman. Yes, it was fun, for me, but I learned to outshoot the guys who were training me. I don't want a gun. I really want a taser, but that's another story. But I can outshoot you. Trust me.

So let's say you are a responsible gun owner. Someone breaks into your house. You run to your gun safe, retrieve your Glock, then go to the other safe where your keep your bullets, because as a smart gun owner, you know you need to keep them separate. The guy robbing you has already left... or done whatever.

Murderers like in Columbine, and in Newtown used their parent's weapons. My parents did not have weapons, but my mom had awesome jewelry and I sure did visit her jewelry box. But she made sure I didn't get too excited about it, because it was not for me. I know this seems a non-sequitur, but respect is respect and I didn't abuse. (too much). That leads me to ask is it a parental responsibility of instilling respect we need? or a national responsibility of not making weapons available?

Maybe it's more education we need. People fear a police state. I fear a state that uses more bullets on one felon than other countries use in a year. I fear a country where people are justified in shooting first and asking questions later. Heck, I live in Virginia where a concealed weapon seems like a mighty fine idea. (Yes, it's legal). Yeah, I work in a bar, and I am a female. Sometimes I do not respond to people the way they would like me to. Do I really need to worry that this drunk guy whose manliness was just reduced by my lack of interest, might take serious umbrage?

Oh, the Second Amendment... Is this adjustment to the original Constitution (made in 1791) so important to you, that you are willing to let these people who have no moral code regarding weapons, have them? Run rampant with them? I'm pretty sure people like my brother in law are not wreaking havoc on society. I'm not saying we should have a national registry, but if you are a healthy, sane human being, you should not have a problem taking a quick psychological exam prior to getting a gun.

I dunno. I don't know the answers. But it's should be harder. There is no reason for there to be so many shootings that people lose interest. It should always be a tragedy. Maybe we need to do as Chris Rock once said: Make the bullets really really expensive!!