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Friday, December 19, 2008

Wheels on the car go round and round...

My mom is contemplating getting a subcompact car after years of driving around in a station wagon that allowed her the luxury of easy transportation of a variety of big/bulky things. I looked around and it seems that the top choices are the Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and the Smart. We are going to test drive them tomorrow. Today's plans to do so were sidetracked by rain. Rain makes me melt because I am just soo darn sweet.

I am curious about these wee little cars. Anyone out there drive one? Any recommendations? She wants a very small, fairly inexpensive car. I see a man driving around Bethesda in some poison apple green one seater electric car. Where did you get that car, dude?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oh Britney.

I actually watched Britney's Circus thingy on Good Morning America this morning because, well, I still love her. I do. I am such a teeny bopper.

Things started off well, with Britney's newly tightened body astride a circus wagon. The lip syncing was fairly obvious, but honestly, do we expect anything else? Things kind of went downhill for me after the initial glimpse of the {insert moniker of some combination of "pop" and "princess" here}. I mean, she looks great, but wasn't she a dancer? Wasn't that her thing?

This performance included her walking around a lot and waving her arms around a bit. She looked unpracticed and uncertain in her moves (except for the arms part. That looked crisp). I felt like she was counting. One: step left; two: swing arms in air; three: swing hips to right. I am confused. Dancers know their stage; their bodies, right? She seemed to look down for her mark, or to make sure she did not fall. Maybe the new body has a different center of gravity? Maybe her choreographer does not have legs and can only choreograph her upper body? In any case, it looked like she was just going through the motions. Like if we saw her and asked her to just quickly show us her new dance routine and she said sure and then did a half-assed version to just give us the idea of it. Geez, if we had really done that with this routine, would she have just meandered randomly about?

Her belly looked good though.


What is wrong with the DC metropolitan area boys? (Men? No, because men should be honorable and respectable and reliable. So, boys..BOYS. Grr)

I met a cute boy. He owns a local shop and I was in there at one point. I noticed his cuteness and his geniality, which I truly appreciate. I went in to his shop one day, (note: I was makeup free and generally as uncute as uncute can be) and hung out for several hours. (HOURS!)

That evening, he contacted me and we met to enjoy beers together. Of course I polished myself up a bit, which he noticed with a sweet "you look all fluffed up". Everything he said to me was slightly tugging at my skin, but all the while super sweet. I know I talk too much. He mentioned that I seemed to have a lot to say. Yet, the way he said it came across in the best manner possible. I felt comfortable and glad to know him.

Our second date involved a town far from here (30 miles!). He invited me to invite friends to join him and his buddies out on the town. I collected Marci and we headed to the 'burbs. I saw him, and he greeted me sweetly, but did not introduce me to his friends and then suddenly took a call on his cellphone. Nonplussed, Marci and I went to the bar for beer. There we were hijacked by an Englishman claiming to be from Wisconsin. I looked to my date who was not paying any attention to me, and Marci and I went to join the Englishman and his pals.

Seriously, why invite someone you don't want to be a part of your group? I dated that guy already. I don't want to just stand there and look pretty while the guy I am with does whatever he wants.

Is it really that impossible to find the one you can be attracted to as a mate and like as a friend as well?