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Saturday, September 25, 2010

America, heal thyself

I think it is sad that the world has gotten so fed up with our inability to punish our starlets for their illegal misdeeds that Japan has taken it upon itself to bring a firm hand to Paris Hilton.

That's like my kid breaking every single rule and never getting in trouble with me for it, but then being banned from the babysitter.

I am embarrassed to be American on days like this. (Also when I watch Maury Povich)

Friday, September 24, 2010

5 things I need to do now or soonly.

1. Clean my house. It actually kind of stinks in here. I am reminded of my childhood when I had to walk through my room not picking up my feet because I would step on things. I think my place is just simply too small for all of my crap.

1A. On that note, I should watch Hoarders, so my friend says. She watched and then tossed half of her belongings.

1B. Or I could watch the BBC cleaning show with Aggie and the other lady who go to the most scandalously dirty houses in Britain and show the people that the germs they are festering will kill them, or render them stoopid. (Oh, in some cases it's too late).

2. Learn about the legal system. I am writing a screenplay that has am Asst. US Attorney as the main character and I know nothing! (God bless my legal advisor Law-rah, the legal books at the library, and transcripts online. Amen).

3. Get ready for school. Instead I am typing to you, while sitting with wet hair. (Hey, I managed to shower. Wee!) I still have to get to the library, pick up a film for one class, get that film to the projectionist, print out copies of my script, email said script to professor... Ack!

4. Drink some coffee. In fact, I think I will do that now. Yum. BRB.

4A. I even got myself some breakfast which I put into the bowl I so lovingly painted for myself on an exquisite girlie day with Clussy. Check it:
Yeah, I painted a bug. Clever, no?

5. Win the lottery. (And yeah, I actually do play). I am tired of bartending, albeit once a week. And I am not making money in filmmaking yet. Hopefully someday, but not yet. And tuition is PRICEY. AND I have two years to go. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

So it begins... I hope

What up? Guess what? I am officially a TV show creator. I am taking a class on Television Studio Production and we had to pitch 2 minute TV show ideas to NBC. I decided to pitch a show called DC Free! which shows a couple of events that you can do for free in DC. (I guess the title kind of already clarifies that). Well, they liked my pitch and so along with three other groups, we shot my pilot. It was great. We went to the Penn Quarter in DC and got footage for the Arts on Foot festival, then we went to Meridian Hill Park to capture the drum circle that happens there weekly.

We showed our pilot to the class and they loved it. NBC loved it. Now the whole class is producing the show. MY show. Yay.