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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Oscar thoughts 2019

This Oscar season is a tough one for me. I watched a very large percentage of the films and some that are total favourites were a bit lost on me and others I totally loved. Like I loved The Favourite (LOVED) but while the cinematography on Roma was beautiful and it was a lovely story, I didn't leave the film feeling particularly impacted in any way. But bear with me as I am hopeless biased towards Olivia Colman. 

So let's get down to predictions...

Original Screenplay:  (1 female, 7 male)
Will be The Favourite FEMALE NOMINEE
Should be The Favourite
The screenplay was in the works for over 20 years. They took a serious subject, kept it fairly factual, yet brought in the crazy whimsy of court life  for impossibly wealthy people. I honestly believe that when the trump family is together at the White House, they throw overripe oranges at a naked, dancing stephen miller. 

It could go to  Green Book, which was a wonderful film, in my opinion, and is  the very kind of film Hollywood adores. 

Adapted Screenplay:(1 Female, 11 male)
Will be Blackkklansman
Should be Blackkklansman
I'm feeling strong about this one as  there's hardly a chance Spike Lee will win best director, but it was a great film and he is a great, career filmmaker who has not been properly rewarded for the impact his work has made on Hollywood. 

Visual Effects (0 female, 20 male)
It will probably go to the Avengers film, because it always does... But I only saw Ready Player One of the films nominated...And frankly thought it looked cool. Though what Chazelle's team did on First Man is pretty spectacular. 

So in my opinion will win is Avengers
Should be: Ready Player One or First Man

Sound Mixing: (2 Female, 15 Male)
Will be  Black Panther or A Star Is Born
Should be Black Panther 

Should NOT be Bohemian Rhapsody. It was sooooo annoying to have to manhandle my remote the entire film to regulate the low dialogue levels and the crazy high music levels. I dunno....

Sound Editing:(3 female, 7 male)
Same. NOT Bohemian Rhapsody. Ugh. A Quiet Place would be  an obvious choice. So yeah..
Will be A Quiet Place
Should be A Quiet Place

Short Film Live Action (5 female, 5 male)
I only saw two of these and both were in French! So.... No idea. I am gonna cheat and look what other  people say 
Will Win Detainment
It has  the most buzz. 

Short Film Animated: (5  female, 3 male)
Should win Bao. 
It's cute and shocking and a full story. Well Done!

Short  Film Documentary: (4 female, 5 male)
Should Win: Period. End of Sentence FEMALE NOMINEE
Will win same

I watched all of these and it was a very good batch this year. I really enjoyed Black  Sheep and loved the new documentary filming techniques they created/used. Life Boat was intense and beautiful. I sobbed through End Game.  Nothing has changed since 1939 which is shown to use in A Night at the Garden. But Period is a powerful film in the traditional sense of doc shorts. And how it came to be is such a cool story that involves high school students and yogathons.

Production Design: (5 female, 5 male)
Will win Black Panther FEMALE NOMINEE
Should win Black Panther

I think The Favourite is a strong contender here, but they filmed in an actual  location that was pertinent to the topic whereas Black Panther had to create a whole new world. I don't know which would be more difficult. I mean, you can do whatever you want when you're creating from scratch, but you are also starting from scratch.

Original Song:
Is gonna be  Shallow from A Star is Born. FEMALE NOMINEE

Original Score: (0 female noms, 5 male)
Black Panther

Makeup and Hair: (5 female noms, 3 male)
Should be Vice

Foreign Language Film:
Will be Roma 
Unless some crazy upset happens that people vote for Roma for best picture and not for foreign film. 

Film Editing: (0 Female, 5 male)
Should win The Favourite
Will win The Favourite. 
I say this and it shall be so. 

Documentary Feature: (8 Female, 7 Male)
Will be RBG and Should be as well.  FEMALE NOMINEE

Costume Design (5 Female, 0 Male)

Animated Feature (1 Female, 16 male)

Cinematography (0 Female, 5 Male)

Supporting Actor
Should be Richard E Grant
Will be Mahershala Ali

Supporting Actress
Should be Rachel Weisz
Will be Regina King

Best Actor:
I dunno. After the Golden Globes I though 100% it would be Christian Bale, but  everyone seems to be obsessed with Rami Malek. I think it should go to Christian Bale and maybe it will. 

Best Actress:
I really want her to win. But I think Glenn Close will win. Her turn as the wife of a Nobel winning author was fabulous. And the Academy has a tendency to reward for past work. She's been nominated a bunch of times and has yet to win, though she is truly an iconic actor of her time. I  will be happy if she wins. Olivia Colman has time and so much talent and now she is on the American radar. She'll definitely be back on this red carpet. 

Director (0 Female, 5 Male)
Will be Cuaron

Best Picture:
I have no idea! Everyone has such strong opinions. I do not think Roma was the best picture of the year. Nor do I understand why Bohemian Rhapsody was nominated. But I do believe that Black Panther was an important film that affected a lot of people. It was seen by a lot of people. It excited and empowered people. It examined a very real social issue. 
Should win Black Panther
Will Win Green Book? Maybe Roma? No idea.