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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


My favorite scary movie when I was little was Poltergeist. I remember watching it through the blanket, from between fingers in a Red Roof Inn somewhere in the Midwest. It terrified me. You could get sucked through the TV? But the TV is my special friend. He would never hurt me. (His pal DVR on the other hand can be a real ass. Thanks for not taping that episode of Gray’s Anatomy where Meredith gets her appendix out. Now I am out of the loop. Jerk.) Then to know the fact that some cast member died during or after each of the three films were made. Dominique Dunne was murdered by her boyfriend in 1982, the year Poltergeist was released. She was the older sister of Carrie Anne in the first Poltergeist. Julian Beck who played the old scary man Reverend Henry Kane in the second Poltergeist died during filming of stomach cancer. Finally, Heather O’Rourke, who played Carrie Anne, died the year that Poltergeist III was released.
Snopes tells me that I am being crazy in thinking there was a curse on that set, but I don’t care.
The Exorcist really got to me, more so than Poltergeist. I really believed in that stuff, and truthfully, I think I still might. Besides, when I was a teenager, someone told me that some guy fell down the Exorcist Stairs in Georgetown and broke his neck. I also heard that the phone booth at the top of the stairs had a “666” in it. I personally think I would feel possessed if I had to run up those stairs. Out.of.shape. There is one scene in The Exorcist were the demon’s face flashes kind of subliminally. It is really just a flash. But that flash is the scariest part of the movie to me. I had to freeze the frame and look at it until I could figure out how to recreate it with makeup before it stopped freaking me out. Strangely, I did not buy into the film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”.
Some friends got together to huddle on the floor with adult beverages and prepare to be frightened by “Rosemary’s Baby”. Instead we laughed. It was almost silly. Especially towards the end when they are throwing the cocktail party and the woman raised her glass in a gleeful toast, “Hail Satan!”. That threw me into a fit of hysterical giggles.
The movies that truly scare me most are ones that show the evil side of humans. The Fortress was a terrifying movie about a teacher and her students who were kidnapped by a gang in Australia. It is vicious and violent and truthfully scared me to bits.
Another creepy one is The Hitcher. Hell, Rutger Hauer is simply creepy to me. The plotline from IMDB.com for The Hitcher is “A young man who escaped the clutches of a murderous hitch-hiker is subsequently stalked, framed for the hitcher's crimes, and has his life made into hell by the same man he escaped”. That movie scared me too, especially when the kid finds the amputated finger in his French fries. Don’t mess with the French fries!
This past weekend I spent in a haunted hotel. The ghost hunters were there and found paranormal activity in the hotel's restaurant. Apparently the ghost was also in our closet, rustling the coat hangers while we slept. I am not afraid of ghosts, it seems. I am merely afraid of the suckitude the people are capable of displaying and forcing upon one another. Therefore, no more comments that are crude, rude or simply don't apply to what I am saying. I see no reason for it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Adopt a sense of pride in your own country.

Dear Madonna, and other people who plan to Angelina* a baby,
It is a wonderful thing that you are doing, bringing an underprivileged child into your home and life. However, why must you go to Africa? Are the orphans in the U.S. not appealing enough? Is something wrong with the DNA that permeates the gene pool of poor American kids? Is it that you don’t want to raise a potential Nascar fan? (Sorry, but most of the poverty in the U.S. lies in the south and that’s where you Nascar fans hail from, isn’t it?).
Madonna attempted to do something good by taking a child into her life who was living in an orphanage because his mother had died. What she did not consider was that it is common for children in Africa, who have only one parent, to be raised in group homes until they are old enough to be responsible for helping their village. His father never planned to lose him forever. That child is expected to take care of his father/his village later in life.
This whole issue that Madonna is facing is a glaring sign to me that we need to stop sticking our good ideas into the cultures of other countries. At least until we have no faults anymore.
I believe that Americans are great people. They are people who want to help. This was obvious during the Tsunami disaster and through the countless associations established to help those in need, amongst so many other things. But America, why is so much help going to countries other than our own when it is so obvious that we need our own help?
I think the best analogy for life comes from the airplane. When the oxygen masks fall, place it on your own face prior to helping others. In other words, you are no good to anyone else if you don’t take care of yourself.

America, let’s take care of ourselves. Then we will be better prepared to help everyone else.

* Yeah, I made a verb out of her name. And you don’t need me to explain what it means.

Monday, October 16, 2006

If I became famous, I would change my name to Bhug-G

Some examples of people whose names you would butcher were they not celebs: Benicio Del Toro, Mischa Barton, Portia De Rossi (whose real name is Amanda Lee Rogers…) The singer Enya’s real name is Eithne Ni Bhraonian. Pronounce THAT! Redd Foxx’s real name was John Sanford which would explain the whole Sanford and Son show title. Goldie Hawn did not just call herself Goldie because of her fair locks, her folks actually named her that! And look at the last name she was saddled with. Goodness. Goldie Jean Studlendgehawn.
Would Tracy Morrow intimidate you? Does Ice-T? Cause they are the same! They hired Ben Kingsley to play Gandhi because his real name is Krishna Banji. Wonder if he walks around barefoot playing a flute…
Veronica Lake denotes beauty, but does her real name Constance Ockleman evoke the same image? Connie Ockleman makes me think of vacuum cleaner commercials, not the V. Lake sexy hair.
Joey Lawrence’s real last name is Mignogna. So his brothers just swiped his middle name for their own last name? WHOA!
Courtney Love’s real name is Love Michelle Harrison. Well, her mom apparently got that first name emotion wrong as the two seem to hate each other.
Is this getting old yet? (Not for me!!)
Where on earth did they get Kiefer out of William Frederick Dempsey George Sutherland?
Stevie Wonder is his own country: Steveland Hardaway Judkins.
Ok, I am spent. If you want to do this yourself, go here.

Oh you daters.

Dating is hard. I learned of a website to aid you in your dating endeavors. They will teach you how to fake an accent, they'll provide you with fake business cards to impress, they'll give you the all around tools to catch Mr. or Ms. Right (now).
We are Washingtonians! We need all the dating help we can get in this date-forsaken place. Good luck!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Sweet tv on my mind.

Since I am not watching television, I am thinking about it. More specifically about Gray's Anatomy last week. When George brought the marathoner down to see his donor, why did the guy back out the surgery? Shouldn't the marathoner be excited that he looks so much better than the donor does who is younger but looks much older? Is he thinking maybe that the dead guy reflects what his body looks like on the inside? Why wouldn't he take the joint from the dead guy? I did not understand that part of the story arc at all. Care to explain?

Wish I had been on the set during the McDreamy/Burke fight. Hot!

My horoscope is creepy.

For Friday, October 13 -
Authority figures might cause you some stress today -- they will have a tendency to micromanage you and be somewhat of a hovering presence. Doesn't mean you're not doing a good job. On the contrary, they are experiencing some insecurities and the need to justify their existence. So there's no need to be intimidated -- you should feel relieved that you're competent and don't have to waste your time on fake dramatics or games.

This quickly and succinctly summarizes my work life right now. It is a little creepy to open the newspaper and have the horoscope hollering "Buggie!!! Buggie!!! This is for YOU!"

Side note: I did a spell check on this entry and it did not recognize the word "micromanage", and offered to replace it with "Necromancer". What have I done to Blogger!?! (Also, Washington Post had written that I should feel relived, and not relieved, but I can't figure out why I would feel like I lived again, so I changed it.)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Day 3

Day 3 of rehab was HARD! I stopped by the bookstore on my way home to get some books for my next class, but then once I got into my house, I did not know what to do with myself. I set to experiencing wild and zany adventures with Roger Wilco in Ulence Flats, but after a long encounter with a slot machine (because you need lots of money to buy a droid at Droids B Us), I had to shut the computer down.
So I aimlessly puttered around my house, stumbling over discarded handbags and various shoes. I found my other Converse Chuck, by the way. I know you don't know it was missing but it was, which was vexing when I was trying to run out the door to see a movie with only one shoe on.
You'd think I would have it in me to do laundry and clean up. Maybe study some. Nope. I took a long shower and then read magazines. I think maybe it is not just the TV that is my problem.
Tonight I will be drinking margaritas with a friend. Nothing like switching out one addiction for another.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

"Death always waits. The door of the hearse is never closed."*

Excuse me, Dodge Magnum wagon driver. Why are you driving a modern, socially (sort of) accepted hearse? Are you having fond memories of Harold and Maude? Do you have latent sexual fantasies of being a necromancer? What depraved thoughts guided you towards spending your money on a vehicle that probably came with a promotional Dodge coffin for the back? Are you chauffeuring around your dead hopes and dreams?

*Quote by Joseph Bayly

Who is Joseph Bayly? I dunno. Seems like he wrote books to be read to Sunday School classes. I wasn't vested enough to look very hard. His quote was just useful for my purposes. Thank you. Mgmt.

Day Two

Still going strong, though I did see a movie last night. But I saw it with a friend and that was an allowed caveat. (Still, I feel like I cheated a bit.) Yesterday was another one of those "too busy to watch the telly" kind of days. So, I don't feel like I have mastered my addiction yet. Also, I spent a good hour just thinking about my favorite shows and what might happen next. I also bought a video game for my computer, which is not my TV, though it has a screen and I can watch shows and movies on it. But I'm not! The game, however, might be what I ban from myself next. It is Space Quest. I played this game on my brother's computer at age 12. It is a sign of old age that I am only interested in playing games from my youth. My sister will be excited that I found them again, though.
Today will be a tougher day. I don't have plans tonight and that means time spent alone... with my TV... and the big yellow couch. They are temptresses. Sirens, if you will. They seduce me and I am putty in their electrons and soft cushy vortexy-ness.
I need a sponsor to call!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Day one

Day one started strong. I got up early and was at work/hell super early. I was busy all day, did not even get a chance for a lunchbreak. After work (11 hours of hell), I went home to work on my econ paper. (Which again, stinks up the room! I do not know why I cannot write an econ policy paper. Crap!) I was up until 11 working on that. So, the first day was too busy to concentrate on my addiction, though I have to admit to thinking about missing Prison Break and avoiding my big yellow sofa like the plague because it sucks me in. Maybe it is the sofa I am addicted to, and not the tv?

Monday, October 09, 2006

Trial separation

I have to get away from my tv for a while. It's not like it is being violent or talking down to me, I just feel that it is leading me down the wrong path. Therefore, I shall not turn my television on all week. (7 days). The only caveat is if the tv watching is a social event. (Like Law-Rah allowing me, against her will, to pause Gray's Anatomy every 10 seconds to "discuss", or the girls coming over for a ANTM Festival.)
I think we'll get back together, eventually. It's not like we are divorcing. I would just like to see other people.

Friday, October 06, 2006

What the...

The world is a weird place.

"McNabb confirmed a report on the Monday night telecast, which held that he text-messaged Owens last week after McNabb heard T.O. was hospitalized. McNabb said he never got a response, but wasn't seeking one. In Dallas, Owens told reporters yesterday that he never received a text message from McNabb." So now they are mad at each other again. Seriously? Over a text message? Are they 13 year old girls?

The Westboro Baptist Church, in Kansas, was going to protest at the funerals for the victims of the heinous attack last Monday. The killer went into the Amish schoolhouse, shot ten girls execution style, killing five of them, and then turned the gun onto himself. The Westboro Baptist Church wanted to protest because they feel that the murders took place because Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell made some comments about them. He responded to this allegation with "They're insane." Good call, Governor. (Guv'nah)More about the Westboro Church: Their web address is (mind-bogglingly) godhatesfags.com. They protest at funerals of soldiers stating that God is killing troops in Iraq to punish the US for tolerating homosexuals. These are people of God? If that is what God wants us to be, then I am not interested in following that god. Read here to find out more of their heinous behaviors.

And from the "Shut up! Who cares? files...

Eva Longoria bruised her ribs on the set of Desperate Housewives. She fell down the stairs from her trailer.... So what? I fell down the stairs coming out of my condo one time while holding a Kit Kat in one hand and a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup in the other. I tried hard not to smash them, but I did and I was really sad because candy just does not taste as good when it as crushed up. But no one wrote about it. Not even People.

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler broke up. Paris is involved. (Big surprise!) Travis broke his arm, Shanna did not punch Paris. Shut up! I don't care about dirty, skanky people. No! And come on, Travis. Shanna had a kid with that boxer. (Delahoya). She locked him out of his house and took his money. She is a crazy skeeze. Gross.. Stop showing pictures of them and talking about them. The only dirty skanky people I care about are my friends.

Guess what!

I made the Dean's List at BU! Yay!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

I have been hijacked

Look at this random post from the middle of September. I did not write this. Who are these people? How did they write on MY blog? Weird is it not? Because that was a fairly recent post that was hijacked!