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Friday, June 10, 2005

A pinch to grow an inch...?

Brian Schneider, catcher of the Washington Nationals, (GO NATS!) apparently hurt his bits and pieces during the 8th inning tonight. I have never seen anyone fidget quite so much. And so much adjusting! Poor guy hit a single and was on the bases forever so he could not quite get in there and fix the problem. Whatever it was, it brought the medical guy out after Brian was crouching at first base for a few seconds. But they talked about it, and doling out a gentle pat on the behind, the medic left Brian to his own devices on first base. He ran to second base where he spent a considerable amount of time attempting to eradicate the problem. Then off to third, where it seemed the situation was getting better, though he did need give the problem area a few swipes. Luckily he got to run home and then into the dugout where I am sure after the numerous high fives and bottom patting, he went to attend to his problem in earnest.
Hope all is well, Brian. Good game.

Nationals are number 1!


Blogger MG said...

That was probably a lingering "present" from the party the night before.
(I know.....straight to hell.)

6/11/2005 04:02:00 PM  

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