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Saturday, June 04, 2005

MArci's first date, andshe's already being aaabused

Buggie lostherboobs...erbooze.But now it's found. Say yay! Mmm Krispy treats. Treats. Yum,,, do commas mean anything?( disclaimer: we do not feel any desire to fix our ty0pos as we typeas we arenot quite on the side of the soberside of the LAW! So that is whatyou are dealling with, and any other time we would so totally care, but right now we have bigger things on our minds like, mmm, Rice Krispy treats. Deal with it!)
I go tbigger shiiiit on my mind and if you wanto to knwo, you just have to ask me. AS'right?(Marci)
See what I mean? She is sooooooo drunk.

I am sooooo ber.

Not so mufhzz. Much. I think shewants to make out with me. She just hit me with theb rice crispy spoon. I am not that kindof gir.

me either, aya freak. I just wantsome godddamn treats,

comma. shitl/ (0ok. maybe a liitle drunk)....dsigh.

Marci says being drunk is hard.
I say she should not hit me with the treat spoon anymore. Domestic abuse is always frowned upon. Marci is drunk. She is sleeping here tonight.
Pray for me.

Whatever.Go load up the spoon Buggie

what am I, your manservant? I am so hot!! I deserve better!

I ampretty too, treaqt are friggin good, Get 'em outta my hair though.

keep em off my carpet too. 5 second rule should not count here, as my home is like a craxk house. please, cleanoing pesoncome and clean. I ain't gonna do it.

caramel popcorn.

We love you soooo much, Jen


Blogger Buggie said...

By the way, I totally am that kind of gir.

6/07/2005 08:52:00 PM  

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