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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I think EVERYBODY looks like ME!

I saw The Ring Two tonight and was glad, for one thing, that the movie theatre was mostly empty. I hate going to see scary movies when there are a ton of people seeing it with me. I saw Hide and Seek, and the slew of pre-pubescent monkeys sitting to my left shrieked at every intimation of fright. When I saw The Sixth Sense, the screams were ridiculous. Ok, the temperature went down.. SCREAM! Oh, the spooky music just played, better scream. Grr. But I don't want to talk about that. I want to talk about Naomi Watts. Oh, Naomi. How I loved you as a raven haired jet tech in Tank Girl. You were so sweet as a coed in Flirting. Mulholland Drive is still a movie that I could overanalyze for hours. But what is with the weird scared breathing? You do it all the time. Especially in The Ring. (Imagine you are cold and scared and are making sounds like huhhuhuhhuhuh deep in your throat. That's the sound she makes. Too often.) At one point in the movie, Naomi, I felt you were doing it just to mess with me. Just thought I would mention it.
Another thing: I have always thought myself to be somewhat similar to Naomi Watts in looks. Especially when my hair was the same color as hers. But I had heard from several people that I look a bit like Elizabeth Hurley, which I always thought had to be the Methadone speaking. Because they had to be on drugs to see that one. Well, watching Naomi work her craft, I totally saw some Elizabeth Hurley in her. So, maybe I am similar to both. Hmm. Watch out Avril... I am going to be examining you next. (That sounds dirty, but that's not what I mean, you freaks. I meant that Avril looks like I did as a teen.)


Blogger MG said...

I think you look like you.

And that's totally freaky 'cause a couple years ago when Avril started getting big I said to Mike (a friend of mine) that Avril totally looks like someone I know. (you of course)

3/31/2005 10:10:00 PM  

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