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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Quit that infernal racket!!!

It really bums me out when someone has a problem with me and they won't take it up with me directly. I got a letter today from my housing office saying that someone had filed a complaint of too much noise coming from my place. Okay, it's true I turn the radio on way too loud, but wouldn't you just knock on the door and say turn that down, please? Or perhaps you would like to wait for me to emerge from my home and then politely say "Gee, I like to listen to the radio, too. But I have my own. I don't need to listen to yours. But thanks for thinking of me."? Instead, going covertly to a higher power without ever giving me a chance to correct the problem is so cowardly and makes me mad. So, now I am finding myself glaring at everyone and when the person who lives above me made some noise that sounded like she was sending a bowling ball careening over the floor, I was tempted to march up there and tell her that league night is MONDAY, not WEDNESDAY!


Blogger MG said...

What if it really was a bowling league up there. then what?

What if she was a psycho and was bowling.....with your other neighbor's head. (The other one who complained about her bowling.)

3/31/2005 09:46:00 PM  

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