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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Two new loves.. Does this mean I am easy?

I got cable internet today after the slow, painful death of the dial up internet on my pathetically slow computer. I can actually do stuff on the internet now. BUT, this relationship did not come easily. I had to beg for attention. The modem and my computer were not getting along. As a matter of fact, the computer (who has been with me for an awfully long time) absolutely refused to acknowledge the presence of what it must have considered an interloper. I soothed the poor machine and before long, the two were happily humming along. And I get to play on the internet.
I also got a DVR on my cable box today. I can tape all sorts of shows now. No more missing Lost or ER. I can set it to tape anything and to tape it forever. So if I suddenly jet off to Tuscany, I'll still know what Joey is up to. Damn, I watch a lot of TV.


Anonymous mg said...

Uhm.....why didn't you just call me? No wait....what do I do for a living?

You don't tape shows any more B.

You record them.

*shakes his head* tsk.

3/31/2005 08:33:00 PM  

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