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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Fight fair.

I was listening to the radio this morning. They were all up in arms about an anti-porn crusader who apparently said that the "shock-jock" (I like to listen to) is the reason that young girls are being raped and murdered.
Penny Nance's theory is that depravity (obviously, I am paraphrasing here) leads to depravity. In essence, she believes that people will hear the DJs talking about sexual situations and will then go off and use the information gleaned from the radio to perform their own horrifying procedures.

My take:
I do believe that people get ideas from things they see or hear. But I also recognize that most people have a meter in them that bars them from committing violent acts against other people. I think the ones that are influenced are people who are predisposed to cruelty against others. Just maybe they would not get as many ideas, were they not to see or hear them from others?
I also feel that Ms. Nance's desire to put the bible into everything is going to be her downfall. A totalitarian view on a specific religion to govern our society will never be met with favor. Is it not the zealots who are the most frightening of all? Their belief in their faith (and I am not pointing my finger at any one specific faith) gives the believer some self deigned right to trample over anyone else's values. This is frightening to me. We all have read about the Crusades, and the Taliban and other religious fanatics, and the havoc wrought. I am not trying to indicate that Ms. Nance is as intense as previously mentioned religious extremists, but I have to say that it is just as dangerous to attempt to force your beliefs onto someone else as it is to glorify violence. One begets the other.
I wish that there was less violence in entertainment. I wish that corruption and immorality were not glorified. I believe that we would respond to goodness in shows and movies. I think we have kind of resigned ourselves to the current of mass media and it's a shame. I also like that there are people out there willing to fight to bring some sense of humanity into the things we see everyday. I just wish they would do it for us, as opposed to hiding behind the bible. It's a valid fight. Now fight it right.


Blogger MG said...

Yeah, sometimes people forget to speaks their words in love. From a completely X-tian point of view, she does not have the power to lead people to Christ. I think that's something that wannabe evangelists seem to ignore.

Anyhoo, I have to say that garbage in typically leads to garbage out. However, EVERY person has the free will to chose who or what they are going to believe and how they will act. Legislating morality is, for the most part, a wasted effort and ultimately pointless. Change peoples hearts and minds and you will change their behavior. Forcing them to behave isn't really going to net the results you want.

8/30/2005 10:13:00 PM  
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