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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Scary stuff

I was driving to work this morning and on one of the radio shows, they had the directors of AA-EVP. (American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena)
They were totally freaking me out with these recordings they would play that came across through white noise of people who had died saying things like "Where's mom?" and "Get out of my house". So apparently, what happens is that energy can come across through the radio, computer, TV, etc. and be heard as the words of a dead person. There is a movie coming out called "White Noise" and therefore the new examination of this phenomena called Electronic Voice Phenomena. I started reading more about it, and decided that if someone contacted me that way, it would be kind of neat, if it was a friend or a family member. I can't imagine anyone else talking to me. Nobody has so far. But, it seems kind of sad, too. Because someone asking "where's mom?" doesn't seem like they'd know that they are dead. I really hope that the movie doesn't make the whole thing seem hokey. But I just love Michael Keaton, so I will watch it either way.

The other thing that freaked me out this morning was on the Discovery Channel last night about a volcano in the Canary Islands that could break off a huge chunk of land that would cause a tsunami that would have waves of 55 yards. That's a 15 story tall building. This wave is supposed to decimate the east coast of the United States. I thought, maybe it is time to move to Colorado with my sister. But then I read some more and other scientists were calling this scaremongering and that the possibility of a comet landing on the Earth is just as possible. (See the article) But then I started thinking that natural disasters are God's way of population control. They are necessary. If we did not have things like this happen, our planet would be so overridden with people that we would end up with all sorts of disease and cannibalism and other horrifying things. And I decided that if that's necessary, then I am okay with it and should I be one to go in a natural disaster, well then that's okay too.So, maybe things are not so scary after all.

Well, except going to sleep at night. Lately every noise freaks me out... I'll work on that later.


Blogger Claudette said...

Yeah, I heard 99.5 VJ's talking about that Electronic Voice Phenomenom this morning as I was waking up (wake up to the radio on alarm clock) and it was kinda creepy. Saw the previews for this movie and they seem really scary actually. The last movie I saw was the Grudge (in late Oct) and it freaked me out to NO END. I mean, I couldn't go home and be alone afterwards (cuz Lu was with his boys playing poker) so I called Lyly up at midnight (on my way home from theatre where I went with my Mom) and mader her wake up and hang out with me at her house till we both fell asleep on her couch. I still have very scarey flashbacks from the Grudge and am not prepared for another scarey movie. Hold me?

1/06/2005 11:40:00 AM  

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