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Monday, April 18, 2005

Punch the clock, AGAIN

I did not feel like being at work today. I wonder about days like these. Obviously we all go through them. I mean, ideally we would all have that dream job where we would be leaping out of bed to get to work. But, I imagine even those jobs have their days of "Oh God, not this again." It's the sameness of it all that gets to me. I get so irritated by the tricks my co-workers/bosses pull, because I have nothing better to do but sit, watching and judging.
I am not above them. I pull my own crap. A lot of it. Like today, I left at 10:45 to get my oil changed and car inspected. I did not return to my desk until 1:30ish. The rest of the day was spent lamenting about how much I did not want to be there. Unlike my bosses who can leave when it gets too much for them, I am shackled to my desk. Oh, so dramatic. I KNOW! Lemme alone. I get to complain. I know that I have a good job and make good money, yadda yadda yadda. I am just afraid sometimes that this is the best it's gonna get. This is the best of me.

I hear you when you say to go find something new, but what if it's in me? What if this is the best I have to offer? I have no idea how to figure out if I've got more. Damn, I must be the biggest chicken in the world.


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