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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Title to be denoted below:

(Marci) Detonated?

(Bug) Um, huh? No. DENOTED, ya drunken retard.

Bug's title for this entry: Marci and Bug. Together at last!

(Marci) Well, since last Friday?

Here's Marci's: (She forgot, 'cause she is a dunken retard.)

(Marci) Um, who;s drunk?

Ya, nice grammar. You brought wine that smells mlike stable.(B)

QHat er why do ya gotta switch up the notations> ? (M)

Bold, Beeyoptxch. I changed it up because it looks better. I know this, because I write 472 papers for school every day. I am the master of citing sources. Yeah, the MATSER! (B)

Bold bolue bitchQ! I got yourt number. (For the record...NO REALLY!...typing on a laptop keyboard is HARD. H-A-R-D.) Wait, Shit. I was sayin something. (M)

Yeah, she was saying something all right... >Shaking head< .. Not only is this keyboard hard, but we (hahaha, hard.) promised not to crorrect any errosrs. So as to be more on top of (on top!!) the moment. (Bug reflects... sorry mom.) (B)

Whatever, she;s took ogff her pants (M)

I put on something more comfortable. (B)

MOre wine olplease(M)O

Oh sheps good....she totally jus trefilled my glass. Sighl. (M)

You know, she is really not that drunk. Just a horrific typer. Really. But she is awful purty. (B)

Rachel McAdamsQ!!! (M) wiant...but not blonde (M)

That means that someopne again thought she looks like Rachel McAdams. Marci treie d to break in and type gfor me, but I ain't done. I made a cd for the girsdl for Valentines day. It is an anti-valentines day dcdccdccdccdDCD. JEEPERS it is a cd. So we are listeing to it and the man bashing continues, MG. (B)

We're wearing opink...pretty. Fucking go. (MM) Nooooooo, n ot marshall mathbers, jus tme Marci...regular ol' :M" (M) (fuck)

Ha (B)

I can;rt type, you people KNOW this!!! Do not hold it against me...or vodjka, no vodka,. Wine. Yum M{}

You can hold it against me. But only if you atre HOT! (B) So i'm shallow. Eat my shorts.

I'll hold this against you...[uncomfortable silence..for youj people while I opress mty boobes on her]...hold one...btrb....
..... .. .... .
............. ... ............ ..........
I got nothing after that. And me wine is stull full. (M)

We are listening tyo Alanis and she had the best the line nin YOU OUGHTA KNOW... (Cause breakups suck and men suck. she says... Does she know how you told me you'd hold me until you die. UNTIL YOU DIE. BUt you're still alive!! Like she is incredulous. I love that. Fuck him. Uncle Joey from Full House is not anywhere close to anything resemblence of anything that might be confused with a hottie,(B is a hottie)

WOOOOO I dedicate this post toi "..." Ellipse. You'[re may main man. BTW bu gi s a total hottie (M)

Um... I do not know what she is tryoing to say. B ut I love ya girlie ..? Wine is my best friend, gthen comes Marci.. with another bottle of wine. (AThis is marci, she means you Jen.,.noit my wine I brought.,.totally you) I have no isdea what she is trying to say. But she is just so pretty. (B)

UPlaodaing pictures is hard. So is spelling uploading. (B)

Wait, I am still pretty, right? (M)

>shaking head sadly<>

HTEYYEY bitchy wife ? What?: Pretty. Yes. Is AS DIES. fUCK dON'T ever TYPOE thTat tshit people...does...dies...sooooooo...differen! (MM) out.


What is she trying to say/? No one knows. Shall we open another bottle of wine

\YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS (MOP) SHE INTERRUPTED ME@! I am gonnna open more wnewine. Marci. I wish we were sexually compatible. .... .. or are we? Heh. Perverts. (B)

Shit i go t an 8am flight in the morning. Boujouleis! Cianti! Syra! oH mY! Winner winner chicken dinner? (M)

Courious? Boujouleis....1st wine=shirAX, 2nd wine=pino noir, 3rd winw=beUJOULis (I hate fucking tyops). Bit whaT is worse? BROKEN friggin corks???!!! Yes! Hard. Why is the Beau so har dto get into? The girl take off the pants, girls pour the wine, SHIT shitty fuckin fuckity fick.(M)

PourAGE. I\Onto the flooor. THE floor people. Wine on the floor people. DO YOU UNDERSTANS? (M)

Heh (B)

I am the host of something nefarious? That picture lookjs nefarious. (B)

NefRious, woh's in colleage? Shit....You spilled wine down your stIRS girlfriend, but were kind to clean it all up yerself. (M)

I be in the college. My stairs, they be clean now. Do you think anyone is reading this anymore/? I lov, Myself. (B)

Samanth A Fox>? If a yone is readin I give oprops..ttaotallty differen t thaN "props"...We're pretty and fuunbbbnnty. An d we love ourselves. (

What is the P for? Puss ... heheheh. No. m (What is that errant M doing ther? ) Lets go somewhere, Marci>? Remeber when we worked for Britney? Let's go somehweres/ I hate everybody but you and me abd my mom and wine. And Jen and Becky. I need to have some excitement/. Marici is stoopid cause she is whiney about booze and aiprplanes. I ahte ehehr. I HATE HER. I love only me. And I am goooood at it. WHAT? Stop it you perbv. And yuou perv, too. Pervs. Perverted pery pervs. Gosh. (B)

My hapoy hour may start at 11:30am tomorowo, but I have ti worrrrrrrrrk. Wah. Bleh. Wine> ,m,,,,,Mmmm, winel, shit your keyboar no longer had spacebat issues and I STILL hAbe troubles. Beayu is good. Not stinky like the Pinot. Me lieky. Maroon 5 Adam. Hot. I don't care about shi..hih...his...slutty connections. Kiss me. (M)P (I am NOT the police)

Marxhi is a maroon. She wants to be a 5O. .. You know five-O... But she is not. Not power there. She is powerles.s. and a punk. But she can can have Adama Levigne if I can have Wentworth Miller. Dne. and Done. Deal is made. Good luck with Adam, losea! Hahahahahah. I am so pretty and so smatrt. I love being brilliant. Fucking ridiculous, really how godwaammn brilliant I am \. Jealuoous.? Whatever, so used ito it, loser. suck me ashes. I am so much better than you. yeah, I said it. What? You what? No. I am so rocking, and you are not. I am hot and smart... Yeha, yeah. mm hmm. go feel sorry for yourself elsewhere. Cause I don't care. You suck and I rock. !! (M) edit (B)

(ME)??? I am so confused...I am oretty, I rockt or I dont? Take you r love AND RUN FROM ME! YeaH BITCHES whno wants carMEL plopcorn? I don't have any, but I know where to get it. Anyone? Caramel? Tyeah bithces/ Shit Bug snorted. ThTT send me off my chair (almosetO)

I hate typing, no reLLT I so do. It is suckier than suck. (MKP) (see)?

She is cute, right? See why I keep her arounfd? Ok, so I admit, teh arrogarnt ramblings are mine. Suck my ashes, esp. the girl sitting next to me who was all calling me out whil ei I was admitting it. FUVK YOU BEYOTCH. I wazs frickin admitting it while you are all jhsaoiuyfwgfgsdagyjfgeuiwtgriugfh. Ima gonna knock your ass out. You know why? Cause I do know what's good for me. And I've done whats good for me. amnd I'm not benefitting. Marci does not give a shit about me. :( But I have wine and someday I will stop weeping wildly. sniff, (B)

I DOOOOOOO give a hit about you (a tousand shits)...they art gross, bu tI give themto you. And no one else. Yasy you? Well it['s all ya got. Take it or leave it, my shits. (I really don'y know why she'd want my shits, I eat a lot og veggies)...but whatever it take dto make my blonde one happyl. She deseves it all. No9t shiitty shits, but the good stuff. Like hearst and flowers, an d real loove not given by asddshats, and wine poured on the dtairs. My typing does noit do this fgirl justice...you oughtta kniow,. STIOP CLSING THw winwW! (MP)

Oh my. Wow. That's my girl. Ya know? So do you now understand whgat I go through? sigh. I worry. And truthfully, I don't wanna know what her shits are like. I hope that they are good and satisfying, but niot shareable. And now she thinks she is Military Police. Oh my. Could I just find the guy I wanna marry and marry him alreadty? adnd I wanna keep my tueddsday night mobvie night. Cause it is fun, Bri. (M) says stuuupid movie nights., who;'s yo're widfe beeyotch? (end M) Jealuos because U no I have a fun friend for movie night? Aw google date ir is a monkey. (B)

Google date er COULD b ea monkey...jury is still out on that one. Driniks? likie them, and? You buyin'? OK. Drinks. I am not easy. NOT NOTN NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT. (M) *(no friggin police)

I am now sleepy. Get out. (B)

Fine. Flight. Bye (M)

But I love you soo much. You are my entire world. (B)

...M(M) Ahit aw, fuck me, love the bloonde. SHe's IT fir me *(M)

Heh, My girl is funny. FUNNY. No more wne for me plesae. Bedtine, Happy ValentiMes daty. That us for you Marci. VALENTIMES hahahahahhaahhaha. Het, is it me? um yes, radio call in shows should be disaalllowwed. Yeah it is you you fucking dumb as a rock bpiece of fucking carap. I hate you already, so do not bother sepeaking vbeacause you are dumber tahhan marci's crap. (VB)

Whateves I dont know what yer sayin, i;LL CALL YOU IN THE CAB INOT TO nyc. (mp)

ok GNIGHT FOOL'S still reading. Marci goes to the big apple tomorrow and I go to Southeast. Woo. Ya. I hate evrerybody because everyone s life is better than mine. Gosh! (B)

Post Valentine's Day confession

A couple of days ago, while preparing for the Valentine's dinner for my girlies tonight, I made Rice Krispy treats. I bought the berry Rice Krispy's because they seem more Valentiney and I dyed the marshmallows pink with food coloring. Truly, these are very Valentiney treats. The girls will be so excited because everyone loves Rice Krispy treats, especially festive pink ones.

I ate them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Crappy Valentine's to you!

Some highlights of my Valentine's day so far:
  • My boss gave me a box of Hershey's Miniatures.
  • Marci sent me a funny e-valentine.
  • I pissed off my one unpissoffable boss and I feel terrible. (I apologized and all that, and he is fine, but I will be sucking up for a good while because I feel really bad about it.)
  • I am going to see Capote tonight. Two weeks ago, when out to eat fajitas, my pal Brian told the waiter that I would be fine with pico de gallo, after I was wanting tomatoes.. Let's see what happens should he try to order for me again tonight. 'cause you gotta eat before seeing a flick, or else all that popcorn and candy looks way too tempting.
  • Lunch was crappy.
  • I bit the inside of my lip so hard it bled.
  • The mailguy came around with a box of flowers, and I hate to admit I got a little excited. They were not even for someone on this floor. Bah! And what was I getting excited for...?

I am holding out for tomorrow when my girlies come over for traditional V-day dinner including wine and tater-tots. Yeah, baby! That is what I call a celebration!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Stop it.

I absolutely hate people who call me "Miss" Buggie. Ask not why it gets under my skin so, but it does. Please. Buggie is fine.

Clarification: I hate ADULTS who do this.