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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tobler Vs. relboT

Colorado Eagles (CHL) player Ryan Tobler (17) takes on a foe. (Bobbleheads are fun)

Talking Cats

Cats that can talk are amazing. Especially the last one.

Monday, January 01, 2007

RIP Darrent Williams

What the hell is wrong with people that they would start the new year off by spraying a limo with bullets, killing the guy inside?
Darrent Williams, CB for the Denver Broncos, was killed leaving a New Year's party. There was apparently a brawl at the bar. Was he involved in that? Does it matter?
Did the shooters have him in their sights because the Broncos lost? That seems absolutely idiotic, but no more so, I guess, than shooting at a frickin' car.

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

End of 2006

Here it comes, the ubiquitous end of the year post.
This year went by way too fast and somehow nothing really happened. I am a bit closer to (finally!) getting my bachelor's degree, but I am still a year and a half away. All my sister's kids got a bit older, as did I.
This year was a bit wasted on me, I think.
Wait, I made some new friends... like the Chanuck, DCSC, Law-Rah and Sweet. I met more fantastic people I would like to get to know better like VP of Dior, Cassie, I-66, Heather, Velvet, and others. Long time friends like Rich, Clussy and Harms were seen, but not nearly enough and I got to spend time with the ones cemented to my heart like Jen, and Marci (who busted her ass on the most awesome powerpoint of 2006, to show me that I am slightly insane when I say we don't get to spend any time together. What can I say? I want MORE!). I got to spend a week with my sister and her family in May and also now. Finally, I got to see my mom a lot. I think I get to know her a bit better every time. Needless to say, she is my favorite person in the world.
Taking all those people into consideration, what a year!