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Friday, December 15, 2006

Subparway. Met-No. (Trying to find a better name for our public transit.)

Metro is contemplating a fare hike. Why is it that DC is the only metropolitan area with a subway that charges by route? Boston, Chicago and New York all charge by trip. It makes more sense. It's simple to follow. You pay your $1.75 and get on a train. In DC, you have to stand in front of that stupid map, doing math so you are not either too short with your fare and then have to scrounge for change so you can get out later when you've reached your destination, or you have $0.10 too much on the card. If you are anything like me, I rarely ride the train, you just hang on to the stupid card in hopes that maybe someday, someday! you will remember to bring that card with you when you happen to ride again. (In the meantime, I have 25 cards, each with less than 25 cents on them.) Is that a sign that I am remedial in math?

I am sure the whole DC Metro concept is a nightmare to tourists. They have to not only scurry out of the way of angry commuters. (I was one of these angrys and I remember wanting to push people to the right of the escalators*. Hello! Stand to the right, walk to the left. GEEZ! Maybe we can make that the new DC Tourist Board logo.) Tourists also have to figure out the complicated system. AND standing in front of that map makes everyone look like a tourist.

I hate our Metro. (Okay, hate is a strong word. I don't hate it. I dislike it.) I think it sucks that they use fewer cars to save money. Now my friends stand holding a bar while being compressed by someone whose buttcrack is holding the same bar. I think it sucks that I can't take the Metro to work.

Don't even get me started on the bus system. Why can't the signs at the Pentagon frickin' say where the bus is actually going?

Dr. Gridlock had a very interesting article in the Washingtonian about the current system and how it got to be this way. The truth is, we don't all live in the city, or work in it. How are we supposed to get around?

*I admit that I wanted to do more than just push them to the right. I am a very hateful person. XOXO

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