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Saturday, December 30, 2006

So damn insane

Wow, so they executed Saddam Hussein. I have to admit it is a bit shocking. On the other hand, he got an opportunity to meet with his half brothers, plan his last meal and pray before he was hanged. All those people he killed or had killed did not get this reprieve.
Maybe it is the darker side of me coming out, but I feel that if you are going to be executed for killing someone, you should be killed in the same fashion that you killed them.
I am not certain about my stance on corporal punishment. Part of me is all for it. Eye for an eye and all that. Realistically, though, unless you actually witness the guy kill the other guy, it is hard to prove guilt definitively. I don't want innocent people to be executed. That would put the government in the same category as murderers.

Friday, December 29, 2006

Unfortunate cookie?

We ate at an Asian Cafe the other night. Post dinner fortune cookies provided the following fortune for my mother.

This was mine...

Um.... Huh?

Thursday, December 28, 2006

400 times!

I have felt the urge to regale you all with amazing stories and other various thoughts 400 times. It's hard to believe that I have had 400 entries. But I have. And I think you should all go back to the beginning and read them all over again. Re-experience the BUG.
And do not upgrade to Blogger Beta. (Just some friendly advice. It sucks and also makes it difficult to leave comments for others.)
I should have re-read all my own posts, just to update you on all of them, but we all know I am far too lazy for that. That's why you should do it and then ask questions. That is much easier for me.
Like, for example, why did I stop writing about Celebrity Duets. I had all the shows recorded on my DVR. But then I could not bring myself to watch them anymore.
Or whatever happened to "Today in History"? I mean, did you guys even read that?
Or what about my alphabet series? I kind of petered out at "V". What did ya'll think about that? Do you want to know my feelings about the letter "U"?

Thanks for making this so much fun. I love having an outlet for my random thoughts and I truly appreciate you all participating with me on this journey.


Light em up quick! Time is almost up!

I am so excited about the smoke ban in DC come January. I hate coming home reeking of smoke. I know that it will be frustrating to those who still smoke, but honestly I am surprised that people still smoke at all.

The people who will be most frustrated are the servers and bartenders. I remember working at Bennigans and we all fought over who got to work in the smoking section because those cats tip way better. Strange when you think about it. They need that money to buy cigarettes, right? Though in VA, cigs are much cheaper. Hmm, so much to think about.

The question now becomes: do the smokers tip less because they can't smoke anymore? Or do they tip more because they have more cash on hand?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

No plans

I have done absolutely nothing the past few days.
I have eaten a ton of caramel popcorn, cookies and various other things that hardly register on the nutrition scale. I have been completely too involved with my nieces new Zune, my new Sims Pets game (where I have recreated all my friends and family... I know it's nerdy. I like to spend more time with the virtual loved ones...), and watching repeats of The Office with my brother in law.
Tomorrow, I am thinking that I may brush my teeth. Not completely decided yet.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Travel update

My mom and I got to the airport super early on Saturday in preparation for the wicked amount of waiting we were sure to have to experience. We checked our bags at the sidewalk checkin where there was only one person in front of us. (A family with an infant and a child and 4,000 bags. Good Lord, I am glad I do not have to travel with small children.) We went inside and looked at the security line that had maybe 10 people in it. Hmm, time for our traditional Japanese pre-flight meal. They charged us $1.50 for green tea! Whaa?

We killed some time before hurrying to wait to be close to the last people in line to board a very full plane. Once seated, we took off for the runway, only to return to the gate because somehow some extra dude managed to find his way onto the plane. They kicked him and his duffel out while my seatmate and I contemplated what he would do to get back at United. (Can you imagine getting onto the plane, thinking you are set to travel and then Boom! Yer off!)

We made it into Chicago on time and had burgers at the Billy Goat. (Yum).

We were the last to board the plane this time around. (Boarding group 4!) Brutal. But it was a bigger plane and we each got aisle seats. I pulled out the laptop and awkwardly watched girls taking their tops off to dance for a Mexican Mafioso on "24".

We landed on time in Denver (Can you believe it?) and made our way into the terminal. That is where the madness ensued. 50 gazillion people and suitcases covered every square inch. Look.

Crazy, isn't it? We met my sister at baggage claim, along with everyone else who was on a plane that day and proceeded to wait three hours until they finally unloaded the luggage from the plane. I have to say that up to that point, the hordes were friendly with everyone rooting for others' lugagge to be found. Once the buzzer rang, and our suitcases started to appear, the people cemented themselves in place in front of the carousel and would not move, even if you pushed them.

The baggage handlers overloaded the carousel and it jammed, wreaking more havok on the psyche of the travelers and pissiness began to creep upon them. We waited a while longer until the situation was resolved and suitcases began finding their way around again. I found my bright blue suitcase (that was on its maiden voyage) practically right away, but had to squeeze through the masses to get it, and lemme tell ya, I do not travel lightly. After my suitcase was placed under the eagle vision of my sister, I went off in search of my mother's. After many laps, I found it and chased it around the carousel. I tried to squeeze between people to get it and they would not let me in. I finally pushed through and had a grip on it, but the people would not move to let me yank it off. So I pulled with all my strength and hit them as hard as I could. My mother does not travel lightly, either. You would think that people would recognize that if they let me get my suitcase out of the way, I might leave and make more room for them. People are stoopid.

It was 1:00 AM when we left the airport and drove home to my sister's house. Almost there, my sister noticed three rogue horses on the side of the road. She stopped the car and chased them home. One sank into snow as high as its shoulder and in a flurry of movement and snow, burst out and ran down the driveway. My sister knocked on the door, but who answers it at 2:00 AM? So she made sure the horses were far off the road and returned to the car to drive us home.

The horse story was told to illustrate that I am not in DC no more. Horses on the side of the road? Snow to a horse's shoulder? Egads. But it is beautiful here and I couldn't be happier.

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