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Friday, December 22, 2006

Travel Advisory

Well, the Denver airport is closed and there are delays at Chicago O'Hare. The weather in DC is foggy and these are all places I am attempting to go to or through tomorrow.

They say that Denver should be open by noon today, and I hope it's true. It was said that the people whose tickets are dated on the day they actually travel will take precedence over those whose flights have been cancelled. So if everything works out, I will be sailing by the shantytown the refugees of the great snowstorm of 2006 built in the Denver airport, saying "So long, suckas!"

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If I were an Oscar Meyer Weiner (mobile) then people would drive like buttholes to get to me.

I was driving down the highway and lo, what drives there before me? The Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile! I have never laid eyes upon this mythical creature. It was way ahead of me and I opted to fight traffic to get right up on it. I mean, who would believe me? It would be received like when Jen saw a Sasquatch in Montreal. (Now I know why traffic is so bad lately.)

But feast your eyes on this, you hotdog eaters of yore:

I yelled Wait! Lemme ketchup! and I got the tail end. Well, then the big dog fell way behind and I captured this:

But at long last, he rolled up next to me. Ah, an American kids dream come true!

And here we have a Nova Scotian kid's dream come true. (That's for Dean, Renee.) A lobster truck in Falls Church.

I need a car will a big ole bug on it.

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