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Thursday, December 07, 2006

American nightmare.

I read an interesting article in December 2nd’s National Journal today. The story was about “how the world would look if Uncle Sam were no longer No 1”. This is something I have been giving a lot of thought to for quite a while. We (Americans) are pretty damn cocky about our position in this world. How will we react when we suddenly find ourselves falling behind Korea in technology? Or behind China? Or any other country?

The fact is that we are lagging a bit. I am not qualified to contemplate how far, but when I was last in Germany, I noticed that they were far advanced in cell phone technology than we are. I think part of the reasoning for that stems from our highly capitalistic ideologies that manipulate the amount of forward movement in technology. By this I mean that I believe that America doles out just enough information to profit from.

As a people, I think that Americans are getting more and more entitled in their behavior, and thereby not working as hard to achieve greatness. Will Smith said that he was told the director of the film “Pursuit of Happyness” could not be an American because an American does not understand the concept of the American dream. I agree. I believe the American dream is fulfilled by coming to America from a place where life is a struggle. The thought of America and life’s potential there is part of the dream. As Americans, we live in relative safety (spoken as a true middle class Washingtonian) and while many work hard, many more are sedate in their lives here. I always wondered if I had had to battle some level of intense adversity; like a war in my country, or true poverty; would I be a better person? Would I work harder to achieve the life I want?

Other countries are truly catching up to the US in every way. We may be the richest country, but for how long with the way we are flinging money at the war in Iraq?

We have a powerful government, but how much power do we want them to have? How much can we trust these people who establish legislation to guide how we live our lives while they disregard the rules for themselves?

This is a powerful country. America is a great country. If we want to keep it this way, we need to stop standing around and allowing things to happen. There is no reason why the government is run on money. It should be run by people whose first and foremost thought is how better to help their constituents. Whatever happened to the true leaders, the people who became politicians to make a positive change in the country? It seems that the people on the Hill are there to feel powerful, not to be powerful. And it is our own fault. We vote them in. Politics has become a dirty word and the only ones who can change the definition are us.

Monday, December 04, 2006

To my next boyfriend:

You must not:

  • Have a girlfriend.
  • Have a girl who thinks she’s your girlfriend.
  • Have a psycho ex-girlfriend.
  • Have a psycho friend who is a girl and would like to be your girlfriend. (And for that matter, have a psycho friend who is not a girl and would like to be your lover.)
  • Have a boyfriend.
  • Have any lover whatsoever.
  • Be a smoker, an alcoholic, or a drug user.
  • Be married. This means if you were married, you need to be completely divorced from your wife; no longer living together; having no property you share.
  • Be cheap. You don’t have to buy expensive things or pay for everything all the time, but damn, I had better not be finding myself paying for all your beers while I am kicking your ass* on the Golden Tee game that I happen to be paying for, too.
  • Be jealous. But who isn’t a little jealous? Just understand that I like to chat people up, but if you are paying attention to me, then I won’t stray away from you. (Example: I was out with a guy I was dating and he paid no attention to me at all, conversing solely with his pal. I was bored, so I started talking to the person next to me. I got in trouble for this. That’s utterly stupid in my opinion.) I like being social, but I like being social with the person I am out with.

You must:

  • Have a car. I already dated that car-less fella, and whilst charming you may be, it gets really old to have to gather up your ass from your friend’s pad that you’ve been crashing at for the past six months.
  • Be smart. But not so smart that you make me feel dumb.
  • Be fun. (With me). I have dated people that are the most fun people in the world…when they are with anyone but me. Then when spending time with me, they got all serious and weird. And then they’d go out and be all fun again. Weird.
  • Like Pearl Jam and movies and going to see live bands. (The live bands can be in any venue, though I prefer small ones. 930 Club is as big as I like to go.)
  • Love dogs and be okay with the fact that I will pet almost every dog I come across. You must either join in the petting, or stand faithfully by as I do it. You must not make any snide comments about the heavy petting that I like to do.
  • Smell yummy. I recommend Issey Miyake or one from Mont Blanc that smells awesome. But go light on the cologne. A co-worker douses himself in it and his essence remains all day. And it smells bad.
  • Love my friends and my family. But that’s easy, I think.

* My ex would laugh at this as he regularly left me on the putting green, or swimming around a water hazard, in Golden Tee. I think I may have beat him twice.