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Friday, August 26, 2005

Buggie poll

Should I post actual pictures of myself and my friends?
No way, that will compromise your identity. It's not safe.
Doesn't really matter to me.
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Mothman cometh... I'm scared.

I think perhaps I should re-title my blog "the parking lot". What do you think? It seems that all my excitement occurs there.

Today, I saw this ginormous moth hanging on the ceiling. It is as big as my hand. As my digital camera SUCKS, I took this with my phone. (Yay, camera phone.. which we are totally not supposed to have at my office. Ah well.)

I was a really cool girl snapping a bazillion pictures with my digital camera and frowning in disappointment at the blurry crap. Then I made other people come and stare at it. Seriously, the moth was HUGE! Finally, I took out my phone and snapped it. That's what you get.

Other parking lot news:

  • People got caught having sex in their car! Whaa? Seriously? Not from my company, though. (Don't need that visual.)
  • I passed a space and then backed into it. Kind of diagonally. And it took me a couple of tries. See why it is a bad idea?
  • Someone flew a kite on the top level of our parking deck one time. More on that later.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Everyday we die a little bit. Now start living.

I watched a movie called "My Life Without Me" with Sarah Polley who could not be any more Canadian. She has truly the strongest accent I have ever heard, and I tend to mimic people's accents, so forgive me if I am soory or start asking you aboot things, eh?

So, the movie is about this young girl who at the ripe old age of 23, lives with her husband and two daughters in a trailer in her mum's backyard. She finds out she is going to die in three months. So she decides to live. Fall in love with a different man, get fake nails... Stuff that had evaded her.

I started thinking how I would live if I only had three months left to live. And I especially wondered why I don't live my life like I have only a short time left. If I took those chances, I would not overthink my actions. I would take risks, because in the end, who cares? It's only for three months. I bet the turn out would be far more positive than negative, because we are a lot more capable than we ever give ourselves credit for. Besides, we waste so much time regretting actions already taken and so much time thinking we can always do it later. Hell, I have all the time in the world. Then suddenly you are 50 years old, and alone and unaccomplished. All because you had all the time in the world.

One thing that bugged me about the movie: this girl is talking about how she held conjoined twin babies, who were abandoned, from their birth until their death. She held them for 30 hours. First the boy died, then the girl. UM!!! I call Bullsh**. As we all know, conjoined twins are from a single fertilized egg that did not separate completely. Therefore all conjoined twins must be identical and that makes it impossible for those twins to have been anything but the same sex. DUH! Ruined the whole movie for me.


Chocolate chip cookie dough Poptarts are gross.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I love watching people do what they are great at.

Gawd! I love watching women's gymnastics! I just love it. These young, determined compact little people flinging themselves through the air, their limbs all specifically akimbo. I love the looks of concentration. I love their muscle structure. I love their faces when they have a perfect landing, or know that they nailed a routine. I get misty eyed when they perform a really tough vault. I would be an absolute mess if someone I knew was out there on that beam, because I never come out of watching women's gymnastics with a dry eye. (It's a little weird of me...)


I woke up on the wrong side of the bed, on the wrong side of everything!, this morning. (But, hey! How do you like the structure of that sentence?)

I woke up late, after having dreams about my ex. Don't quite know how to decipher those yet, but they stuck with me all day, putting me in a funky mood.

I get to my parking lot where, instead of backing in to park, a woman who had just parked in an acceptable manner, stood in the space that I wanted my car to occupy. MOVE! MOVE! I wave her to go and she drops all her stuff. Then I decide to try to find another space, as she does not seem to want to go into the building, preferring to stand in the parking space. Of course, at that very moment, she darts into my path. Thank you! I pull around her and find another place to park. Remarkable.

I get into the building and stop in the kitchen for a bowl, spoon and some milk. I get to my desk, only to find that the cleaning people threw my very full box of Honey Nut Cheerios away. Don't they know I was lowering my cholesterol? Bastards. Where the hell do they get the idea to throw my cereal away? This was the straw that broke a Buggie's back.

So then, pouting, I turned on my computer only to find that the software they had installed yesterday had only been installed partially and now my computer needed to crash. So for the rest of the day, our computer people spent all their time installing and reinstalling everything on my computer, punctuated by not-so-veiled comments and mutterings about a virus and how evil my internet use was. Um, EVERYTHING IS BLOCKED! I can't have let a virus in. The only emails I open are from people I know... Within the company... Suck it, IT folk. You did not install software right. Now just admit it.

So then, I got to deal with one of our IT guys who is a bit random and would not shut up. There is something about him that makes me viciously passive aggressive.

Me reading a magazine...
IT guy: Is that a magazine?
Me: Um, yeah. That's what they call these glossy paged periodicals.
IT guy: Do you like to read magazines?
Me: Nope. Hate them. I like to use my computer.
IT guy: You ever try online dating?
Me: Um, no.
IT guy: You don't need to. Bet you get hit on a lot.
Me running off to pour acid on my body.

In any case, I could not do a damn thing all day. My computer is still broken and all I did was run around annoying people. (More-so than usual.)

Name dropper boss said, " Boy, Buggie. What's with you today? You sure are annoying.. " Um, thanks, name dropper boss. Why don't you eat my shorts.

Big boss said to me, "Don't you have anything to do? "
I said, "Nope. Just gonna hang out with you."
He sent me home at 4:00.