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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Things that make me mad when watching a movie or TV

I hate when the White House is a predominant part of the show/film and they have the Vice President super involved. It just does not work that way. How about having the Chief of Staff take on that role. It would be much more realistic.

I hate when two parents with blue eyes have a brown eyed child. It is genetically impossible, so unless someone had an affair, that ain't their kid. Stop trying to make me believe it.

(This is going to rub many of you in the wrong way, but I just don't care. It's my blog.) I hate really ugly, unlikeable people on TV. I see them all day everyday. (Especially in DC...) Let me live in a fantasy world where the dork is really Cameron Diaz. (Although I do believe this is what has led me to my current state of holding people, myself included, to impossibly high standards.)

I hate shows/movies that have some random guy on the street that sings random songs that randomly suit the moment or the story (See Something About Mary and Gilmore Girls.). Where is that guy in my life? The only musical guy I ever see on the streets has a cup that he dangles out towards me whilst singing Frank Sinatra... (And I am not flying to the moon, so the song has no significance to me.)

And lastly, this one really pisses me off...
When a character is talking on the cellphone and there is a disconnect, the busy signal really gets to me. Why do they do that? There is only silence when someone disconnects on a cellphone. We.all.know.this! Who has not had an entire conversation on an unconnected cellphone simply because you can't hear the disconnect? It sucks!


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