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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Restaurant Week at the Oval Room

Because you can never have enough excuses to spend $30 on a three course meal in a restaurant you would otherwise probably never enter. (Unless it was for some sort of fund-raising event for Senator/Congressman GimmemoneysoIcanrunthiscountryintotheground. I am not usually invited to those anyway.) So I made a call to the mother hen and forced her to spend money on a dinner she really did not want. (And she paid for dinner! How does that happen? I invite, pick the place, and force her out into a noisy place filled with mean and unkempt Washingtonians and she pays!) On top of all that, I made reservations, but did not bother for directions. Hell, it’s DC. I know where that is. So, armed with an appetite for American haute cuisine, we made our way into the Nation’s Capital. Where everyone was driving as.slow.as.humanly.possible. ARGH! And once in the city, I only knew it was 800 something. It’s either Constitution or Connecticut. My mother had to use the cell phone to find out the location as I would go to jail, Brother, were I to hold that baby to my ear.
Street parking. Nicely done.
Meany that I am, I won’t even let my mother peruse the real menu. NO! It’s restaurant week. We only look at that menu. (What is wrong with me?)
So anyway, dinner consisted of a 5 asparagus stalk salad, some “gamey” (Her words, not mine) pork with yummy polenta for my mother and a very fishy Caesar salad (ew) and a red snapper entrée for me. Normally this meal would have been over in 15 seconds, as the portions were teeny (which is ideal for me! Yay!), but yappy yapperson over here, could not shut up long enough to shove any food down her throat. Poetic justice served? It was so darn loud, my mother could not hear a thing I was saying anyway. Ha! (But she sure as hell tried to listen. I love that lady, did you guys know that?)
Dessert came and presented itself as 3 mini cotton balls of ice cream. Banana, caramel and vanilla. I took all three and jammed ‘em in my mouth. Yum. Mummy got a bowl of fresh, seasonal berries. This turned out to be a strawberry cut into six pieces, a couple of raspberries, blackberries and blueberries. But the best part was when she held up one of the myriad of maraschino cherries in her bowl and says, “Mm, in season!”
And the coffee was good.

Yeah, that must be what it is...

I'm a little cranky today. I guess it shows because the only noises coming out of my usually boisterous cubby-hole is the clicking of the mouse in a futile game of Spider Solitaire.

My co-worker comes to me with the ubiquitous "Boy, it sure is quiet over here." What do you say to that? "Nuh uh!" or "beat it, I am performing a silent experiment"? But I said, oh so cleverly, "I got nothing to say." And she says to me, "Maybe you are PMSing." Whaaa? Seriously? I thought only guys threw that out there when a girl's behavior was one that they could not explain. So I responded, very un-passive-aggressively. "Not the case, but it's good to know that it's not just guys who toss that bomb around." She looked rather shocked, because usually I am very nice to her. And I feel bad, but geez, lemme alone. It's silent over here for a reason.

A change for the better?

I think my brain has stopped working. I even think I heard a snap and faint whirring of non-functioning parts. What happened, in my opinion, is that I have spent so much time overanalyzing everything that is going on in my world and everyone else's that my brain said NO MORE and died. So, I sit here with a vacant look and a vaguely confused demeanor, but silently thrill that maybe I will finally be able to get some sleep.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Oh Raffy...

Rafael Palmiero is a big fat liar.

I went grocery shopping

The smell of freshly ground coffee. Mmmmmmmmmmm.
Fresh veggies.
Finding a really yummy wine on sale $3 off!
Having 14 items so's I could get in an express lane.

Not loving so much:
Having to buy Drano. Seriously, what is wrong with my bathtub drain. It's gross. I will have to buy Drano stock.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Aural fixation

Marci and I went outlet shopping 40 miles away and on the way home, I was flipping radio stations like mad. I just could not find the music to suit my mood. So I told Marci "sometimes I just can't get aurally satisfied."