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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Today in History - August 10

Happy anniversary, Missouri. You became a US State in 1821. I have been to your silver arch. I understand that it is a shady place to be. I find it really strange that people from you call you mizoorah. What the..? Where does that pronounciation come from?
Missouri joined the Civil war in 1861 with the battle of Wilson's Creek. Lots of people died. Then in 1932, a meteorite broke into a few pieces and landed in Archie, Missouri. So, apparently August 10 is a busy day in Missouri's history.

Happy Anniversary to the Smithsonian which was chartered after James Smithson, a scientist, gave $500,000 in 1846. The Smithsonian is one of the many aspects of free entertainment that living in or near Washington, DC affords me. Alas, ask me the last time I was there.
I did go to the Holocaust Museum not too long ago, but only to peruse the bookstore and research my paper in the library. It is not a Smithsonian museum.
I took my mom through the National Museum of the American Indian which is a Smithsonian institution. Isn't "indian" an incorrect term? Shouldn't it be "National Museum of the Native American"? I got dizzy in there. They got all fancy with the displays and the glass is rounded so that it reflects all the light and everything that is behind you. I had to press my face to the glass and cup my hands around my eyes to see the displays.
When I was little, they had found an intact giant squid and placed it in the lobby of the Natural History Museum (my favorite). It was neat, but at that age, I had no idea what a rare find it was.
Final thought on the Smithsonian: If Mr. Smithson is the namesake, should we not pronounce it smithsunian?

Today was also a terrible day in regards to killers. The Manson cult, fresh from their murdering of Sharon Tate, et al. murder a couple more in 1969.
In 1977, NY cops arrested the "Son of Sam", David Berkowitz, a swell guy who killed lovers because his neighbor's black dog told him to. Uh, yeah...
In 1981 they found a part of Adam Walsh who had been kidnaped. (Full circle here...) Adam Walsh's murder prompted some serious change in legislation, creating both the Missing Children's Act and then in 2006 the Adam Walsh Child Protection & Safety Act. John Walsh, his father, also helped to create the television show "America's Most Wanted" and is a spokesperson for the National Center for Missing and exploited Children.

Also today: In 2003, some Russian guy married some Russian chick who was in Texas from outer space and some guy died after playing a video game for 49 hours in 2005.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Stranger watching

I was at Starbucks ordering a grande skim 1 pump mocha, 3 pump peppermint syrup, no whipped latte. (This causes much chagrin for the barista. Someday I am going to change it up to be a grande skim decaf, extra shot, 1 pump mocha, 3 pump raspberry syrup, 1 squirt caramel sauce, no whipped, extra hot latte. But I haven't had the courage yet.)
Anyhoooo, there was a girl in line in front of me. Had she been dressed in business clothes, I would have thought she was in her late 30's. As it was, she had a ponytail, of the loose variety, and sunglasses on her head. Her attire consisted of a short mini skirt (That means really short because mini + short.. wow), a tank with the bra straps brazenly revealing themselves and flip flops. She had tattoos all over her joints. (i.e. ankles, wrists... not knees or elbows.) The tattoos were typically tribal symbols and assorted other meaningless stuff. She was leaning on the counter like she was super cute and super young. Her flip-flops flapped each time she'd raise herself up on her toes, arch her back and then flop down again. She decided to make a call on her bedazzled phone. I did not get a chance to see if she was wearing any rings, but due to the time of day and her clothing, I would say she does not have a nine to five. But I could not tell if she was a kept woman. She did not look like a mom. Maybe she was really young and just looked really old.
No point to this story. Just wanted to share the stranger I viewed with you.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Alphabet series - V

The other day I was sitting in my father's chair at my computer. I love this chair. It has a gray tweed seat that flops because the screws fell out of the one side and I have not quite gotten around to fixing it. I used to try to jam the screws back in, but everytime I would sit, "ping, ping", they would fall out again. The wooden arms are worn but stable and have been used in lui of a ladder many a time when the lightbulbs burned out in my hallway. I am esctatic that I have yet to fall off the chair. So while on this chair, I catch some movement out of the corner of my eye. GAH! Bug. BIG BUG. I squeeze myself into a tiny ball on my father's chair and try not to let the bug notice me. What to do, what to do? I pick myself up and scurry to the closet where the vacuum cleaner lives. I knocked on the door and he came out, ready to help me get rid of the enemy. (How can a bug be an enemy to ME? I AM BUG!) Plugged in and armed, I can't find the monster anymore. He's on to me! Fearfully searching with the open metal tube of a mouth on my Hoover; every movement, real or perceived, terrifies me. I aim at everything, ready to suck it up into the void that is also known as a bagless canister. (Can you imagine me with a loaded weapon?) Hiding in the corner, his little heart pounding so hard I could hear it above the din that the vacuum was making in anticipation of a tasty morsel, I found the little bugger. He made a run for it. Straining as to stay as far away as humanly possible, I reached for him with the hose. He veered left, he veered right. Elusive, but not elusive enough! Slurp! went my vacuum, and gone he was. Vacuum still running, I too, ran to the kitchen to get Saran Wrap which I covered the mouth of the hose with and tied tight. That sucker ain't leaving that vacuum to wage his revenge on me!

Take note, freaky bugs. I will get you with my vacuum, or else have my sister or friend Roger get you with a napkin and squish you all up while I cower in terror on my father's chair.