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Friday, June 09, 2006

Something weird that makes me happy

I hate toll roads so much, but I love to pay for the guy behind me. I just love to imagine how they react. I know it's random. I never get to see their reaction. But it still pleases me.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


So I thought today would be a good day to discuss my favorite movies involving Satan.
  1. The Exorcist. This movie freaked me out as a kid and continues to freak me out now. They get into your head and mess with you the entire time. While it has its gross moments, like the pea soup vomiting and the demon, who is in a child, telling the mother these horrible sexual things, it is not just a gross-out film. I hate those. This got into my head and possibly made me the way I am today... twisted, neurotic, crazy... I had to stop the film on the demon face because it scared me so much, I needed to know how they did the makeup so I could be reassured that demon was not real. The Exorcist is the only good movie of this genre. The rest... meh!
  2. The Omen. While I would have liked to have played Damien in this movie, the movie is kind of dumb and pointless. And they remade it? Practically just like the original? Without Gregory Peck? Pheh.
  3. Rosemary's Baby. All I can say is picture this: Scene: party. Older couples in 60's swag. Older woman raises her glass in a toast to Rosemary's baby. "Hail Satan". Picture me, Marci, Clussy and Harms bursting into giggles.
  4. 8 mm. This had to be a movie about Satan or by Satan or for Satan or all the actors sold to Satan, or filmed in Hell or something, because this movie SUCKED.

My horoscope today

For Tuesday, June 6 -
Your work has been making a steady progression, and you will finally start to sense all the possibilities. This could take your farther than you ever dreamed! A new person's avid interest in what you're doing is an encouraging sign. Try not to let flattery take all your attention right now, but be openly grateful when someone gives you a word of support. It feels good to be recognized -- and valued -- for who you are. Get used to it. This is merely a taste of what's coming.

YEAH! Damn Straight. Woooooooooooooooooooo