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Thursday, February 07, 2008

C'MON Already!

Good Lord, how many auditions will I have to watch before we get to the meat and potatoes of American Idol? The auditions used to be the best part because they were silly and fun. But now we spent 25* weeks watching idiots prance around in front of the judges and it’s like being allowed to eat candy for dinner every night. After a while you are begging for broccoli (yuck).
Is it me, or is Simon exceptionally charming this season? He’s got me with his winks. Lo-ove it! Hate his propensity to jut out his lower lip and pout as if to say “poor baby”. It is not endearing.
I hope this is a good season lacking anything that might resemble a Sanjaya or Jessica Sierra. I want a heap load of pretty singers who can actually blow. Heh, blow. No none of that. I don’t want my little American pop stars to do anything that has anything to do with blow.
Yeah, I am bored. Let’s get this show going.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Um.. I don't know how to feel about it

I saw “There Will be Blood” last night. I was told it was good. I knew it was going to be long. It was good and long. But did it have a point? I sat through the whole thing and wondered what message I was apparently missing. I wondered why I was being told this tale. I know the film is based on a story by Upton Sinclair and I really enjoyed “The Jungle” when I was kid even if it did make me suspect sausage.

The story was very interesting, but it never seemed to make a point. Was the point about how both religion and money can ruin people? I dunno. I am flummoxed. I have never watched a movie that was well made, and that I actually enjoyed, but had no seeming reason for being told.

I need some discussion on this.

Monday, February 04, 2008

She Liiiiiiiivessssss

Hi everybody. It’s been a long time, I know. I hope you missed me. I have been completely stressed out with all things Law School (applications). I am truly burnt out from writing! To add to the delight of writing law school essays and having to invent reasons why you’d want me in your school, I am taking a class on the history of essays. Woo. This is my second to last class at Boston University and that is utterly thrilling. However, I still have to finish it. The class entails my reading essays from old guys who are long gone. Then I have to write a five page essay in that style. (Every week). I also have to edit two class-mate’s papers and participate in written discussion points. So far, I have written 3 essays: one on religion vs. faith; one on the redemptive value of Real Dolls (the anatomically correct, life-size dolls) and the last one, which was due yesterday ended up being about a cat. A cat. I spent all weekend writing and re-writing big piles of hooey. You know how frustrating it is to flesh out a topic for 500 words only to notice that it still is not going anywhere? PLUS I wanted to go watch the Superbowl. Finally, what poured out of me was a story about a cat. Yep. We’ll see what kind of grade this pulls in.

My conversation skills are severely repressed as of late. This can be substantiated by the three gorgeous ladies who drank beers with me on Saturday. Thank God you all rescued me from my home! Prior to that I merely ate anything I could find that was not weighed down with annoying nutrients and watched “Women’s Murder Club” on my couch with Bill. Even Bill got irritated with my attitude and left me to my own devices after a while.

I can’t believe the weekend was over so quickly! Last night was fun, though. And I am glad the New York Giants of Football won the game. I hate all the grandstanding the Patriots players do. It is so annoying. (It’s like playing a board game with me. I get it now, Cristina.) When in the last 2 minutes, they were already celebrating their win, I began praying for their demise. Their utter lack of good sportsmanship proved they were not worthy of winning the big game. So suck it, Brady! You too, Moss! I noticed you were not doing the swim, or the bunny hop or whatever those odd hand gestures were supposed to represent.

Did anyone think the Tide to go commercial with the distracting coffee stain was as hilarious as Law-rah and I did??? Did anyone else get to eat super yummy tacos like we did?

Why do they make the Superbowl on a Sunday? How much more fun could we have if it were on a Saturday? Now I am back to work and while I got to bed at a decent time and the maple syrup beers I enjoyed last night only numbered in the two (because someone is getting old and can’t drink people under the table anymore), I would have liked to hang out longer. I am still a strong proponent of 3 day weekends every week. Hell, if we have to, let’s change the weeks of the year to 8 days. I will still work five and then have three off. Obama, make it happen and I will vote for you.

Okay, now I am just jabbering. I hope to post more frequently, but you never know how the mood will strike.