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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AI - Top 10 Boys

American Idol: Top Ten Guys

First of all, I watched all five fricken hours last week and wrote up quite the summary of the show, but I was wildly behind with all the stuff I actually have to do that by the time I was prepared to post it, it was far too late. So let me just say that I thought we would lose Luke Menard and David Hernandez, but Blonde Eyelashes and Leif Garrett were booted. I was a bit more on target with the girls. I guessed Amy Davis, Kady Malloy or Joanne Borgella and they dumped Amy and Joanne.

I had all great comments, but basically I thought everything Simon said which is terrifying!. So I am not going to tell you what I wrote. Don’t cry. Read what I say THIS week. XOXOXO- Bug

1. Michael Johns: So cute. I can see him being a big star. I think he will be in the top 3. (They don’t allow for two boys to be the top two do they? They never have, right? Don’t say Clay and Ruben, because one of them is not guaranteed to be a boy). Hate Michael’s jeans. They look like mom jeans. He looks like he forgot that the show was tonight and threw on what he had been lounging about in earlier. The song was kind of boring, and his vibrato was a little goofy, but he is talented.

2. Jason Castro: Crazy dreadlocks. I dig this kid. He’s adorable and quirky. I like his style. He’ll have a career if he succeeds here or not. Will he have his guitar every time he takes the stage? He might like to work on the weird faces he makes. But he always has a ton of energy in his performance, and I don’t mean in the jumping around way. Oh, Paula wants him to show up without the guitar.

3. Luke Menard: (Orlando Bloom + Matthew Fox’s love child). He’s a cutie, too. He sang last week, but I have no recollection of it. My notes only have snore symbols. I am not a fan. He is reminding me of Hugh Jackman’s (swoon) Broadway moments. I say no. I said NO! No means NO! Stop singing! Simon agrees with me.

4. Robbie Carrico: This guy could be cute if he cut his hair. H.A.T.E the hair. He drag races. The car looked like a DeLorean. I think he’s trying to go back to the early 90’s where his hair would be popular again. Cheesy performance. I think he actually might have a nice voice. I just have not heard it yet. He looks like he is on a high school stage, throwing gang signs out to his friends in the audience.

Paula looks good tonight. And sober. She is making sense, too. What is going on?

5. Danny NoriAlba: I think I kind of like him, though he seems to have a capacity to get annoying. Oh, how did he get Mr. Roper’s cardigan? He sounds off-key. He really does sound like he is performing at a drag show. If the Priscilla Queen of the Desert cast would come out of the wings in full drag regalia, it would not surprise me. Danny is feisty and I dig that! But he is a little Diva. Mariah Carey, watch out!

6. David Hernandez: I would have booted this guy last week. He gives creepy eyes, like Constantine. Quit looking at me like that. I don’t like this song, and I don’t really like this guy, so he might be doing a great job but I am incapable of fairly judging him. He was on key. He seemed okay. At least he wasn’t snapping as he is apt to do.

7. Jason Yeager: Last week he looked and sounded like he was performing on a cruise ship. He has an extremely high cheese factor with his grin, snapping and wiggling around. He sounded okay. But he wafts in and out of goofy cheesy and smoldery cheesy. Not feeling him. Simon compared him to a drunk guy at a party.

8. Chikezie: He is like Cher and Madonna. One named. His face is perfectly round. He too, is a master of the cheese factor. He reminds me of Carlton from Fresh Prince. He is better this week than last. What is up with the guys outfits tonight? They are dressed down in a way I did not think was allowed on national television. I liked this performance. Go on, Jacuzzi.

9. David Cook: Can someone please fix his hair? Please? I am just going to close my eyes whenever he is on stage until they fix it. He strikes me as someone who is wildly inappropriate on dates and then calls the girl a bitch when she tells him to beat it. I like his voice, though. He has a nice timbre. It was a good performance.

10. David Archuleta: I’m enthused by this kid. I think he seems to be really sucking air for this song, but he’s so young and will only get better. (I think he is a little funny looking, is that mean? And how come I care when I normally have no issues being mean? I don’t want to hurt this little boy’s feelings.) But he will be top 2. He might even win.

Say goodbye to Jason Yeager. Maybe Luke Menard (is that wishful thinking on my part?) How many do they vote off?


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