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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


There was a nice little ice storm yesterday. The streets were okay where I was driving, so I didn't think about the ice much as I began to slowly descend the thirteen stone steps in front of my home. One step was all I needed to take. Zooooooooom! I went down like a Jamaican bobsledder. As I was smashing my tailbone and repeatedly smacking my head, all I could do was wonder what my luge-like slide looked like. But no one was around to witness it. When I finally came to a stop, there was nothing I could do for a few moments having had the wind knocked out of me. Alas! I was not even completely at the bottom. I still had three ice encased steps to maneuver before I could attempt the five that lead into my house.
Bruised and battered, with skinned palms, I slid down the remaining steps on my bottom like a child. Worse even, I had to reach back up the stairs to get my stuff that had strewn itself about like I had been planning a yard sale.
When I finally got inside, I found I could not sit, I could not stand. So I did what any healthy 34 year old will do. I called my mom.
"Ouchie mommy! I fell down."


Blogger DCSportsChick said...

Yikes! I hope you're OK. Sorry you yard-saled.

2/13/2008 11:06:00 AM  
Blogger Buggie said...

Just you wait. In 34 years, your kid's gonna be calling you.

Ouch. I can't even bend over. I am sore. I am scared to go outside. Can someone bring me some cleats?

Thanks DCSC!!

2/13/2008 11:28:00 AM  
Anonymous Marci said...

We should have been prepared as we always seem to get the same freaking VDay-week storm every year.

You need those mountain climber shoes, the ones those who climb Mt. Everest use.

2/13/2008 12:18:00 PM  
OpenID haveyaseenlucky said...

You should get one of those big harnesses that people who break their butt-bone have, where they suspend you over the bed...

2/14/2008 07:47:00 AM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Hey! I just heard about what happened. Sucks!!

2/19/2008 08:26:00 AM  

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