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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Prepping for the 2007 Snarkademy Awards!

The Second Annual Snarkademy Awards! (See recap of prep for 2006 here.)
I invited a ton of people, but I think a bunch are going to bow out because of this stuff:

I shoveled the walk with my dust pan, though, so I think people should come just because of that. Not only did I shovel my own entrance and steps, but I also did the big steps that I have fallen up and down many a time throughout the years I have lived here.

Movin' on. Let's get to the bar. This year I supplied the stuff left over from last year AND a cocktail called the "Babel" (which Marci kept calling the baybel, but I had a hard time decided it was Bahbel or baybel myself, so I only laughed at her a little.) This beverage was passionate fruit juice with lime, grapefruit and regular vodka, triple sec, the juices of a blood orange, half a lime and half a lemon, half a can of Fresca and a half liter bottle of soda water. We ran out of that pretty quickly so I also made "Big Old Sunshine". (Get it? Little Miss Sunshine grew up?) That was Orange Juice, soda water, cranberry and lime vodkas. Yum. I also had Magic Hat beer that was presented by "The Prestige" and "The Illusionist". (Get it? They are movies about magic..)

Ah, the Swag Bags. I think this is the reason people actually attend. This years bags were clear cellophane with a clear "2nd Annual Snarkademy Awards" label on them.

If you look closely, you can see that I decorated the table with old movie ticket stubs. Mmm, hmm.

The swag bags contain:
  • Star Crunch from L'il Debbie. You remember why. They were in there last year. You know, I ate one of these yesterday and it was NOT as good as I remember. What the he..?
  • Water Pistol (Sponsored by "The Departed")
  • Lipton Green Tea powder. New product brought to you by "The Queen"
  • Smiley face yellow kooshy toy brought to you by "Little Miss Sunshine"
  • Ring Pop brought to you by "Blood Diamond"
  • Smarties Connect Three game
  • Quakers Granola bites. (These, too, are new and therefore must be added for publicity. You know that if the cool kids attending the Snarkademy Awards are eating them, so will everyone else)

As for food, well, I forgot what eaters I have for friends and served them Hummus with carrots and pita chips; smoked Gouda and Wheat Thins crackers; Boursin and Pretzel crackers; wasabi peas; cinnamon popcorn by Act 1; regular popcorn; Junior Mints, jelly beans, Sour Patch Kids, Non Pareils, Raisinets, Milk Duds, twizzlers and randomly mango slices. Luckily Marci brought "Little Miss Sunshine" cupcakes. Unluckily for me, she took the leftovers home before I could snag one to save for later.


Anonymous haveyouseenlucky said...

I have to agree about the debbie cakes. They are not what they used to be. I think this 'Debbie' character is getting complacent in her old age.

2/27/2007 12:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Marci said...

Oh, I would have saved you one! I am sorry, but when I asked you said no, so I took them to my office and they were gone before lunchtime yesterday.

But we were all on sugar overload by the time the eleventy hundred hour Awards ceremony was over....so I can imgaine why you would not want to look or think about cupcakes.

Great party. I am so excited to try the green tea and granola bites. No really. Really excited!

2/27/2007 01:15:00 PM  
Blogger Law-Rah said...

I am more excited about playing Connect Four with Smarties. Coolest. Thing. Ever. 'Twas an amazing party although that sugar high did keep me up until 2am. Thanks for the "Adult MadLibs"!!!

2/27/2007 03:12:00 PM  

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