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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

AI - Top Ten Girls

American Idol: Top Ten Girls

Seriously, Simon is looking good. Slim. I like gray. I like lack of man-boobs.

1. Carly Smithson-Corr: She looks like she should be a fat girl. I’m not a big fan. Maybe if she sang a great song, I would like her better. Botox would fix her stupid singing face. Hmm. She sounds okay. And I dislike this song, but she is pretty good. Dammit. (She wants to go crazy on Simon. I say BACK OFF). Does she have Amy Winehouse tattooed to her right arm?

2. Syesha Mercado: So pretty. Oh, the baby cry was a little unusual. She sounds good, but this is a really boring song. She nailed that part. Is her Mr. Jones the same one that hangs out with Adam Duritz? But it was a boring song.

3. Brooke White: Oh geez, she is singing Carly Simon. Of course she is. Now I will never be able to separate her from Carly. But, man she is singing the hell out of this song. The low keys were hard for her to hit. This song came out the year I was born. I like the raspiness of her voice for parts.

4. Ramiele Malubay: She has a fantastic voice. Yawn, this song sucks. But she is singing it well. (How was that at my first attempt at a back handed compliment?) Smeh.

5. Christy Lee Cook: Love this girl. I like this song. She has the funniest stance on stage. She squats almost. She sounds good. She is a little bit country. She might over-perform a bit. But that ought to stop once she gets more comfortable in her vocals. Nice. Good job.

6. Amanda Overmyer: Rock N’Roll Nurse. She’s 23?!? She seems so old. Wow, she looks like Simba tonight. I don’t think she is extremely talented. But I want her to succeed. She is way off tune tonight and having a hard time hitting the notes. And she should be given 13 lashings for making me have to look at those pants (are they chaps?) I am now a little bit deaf from the last couple of notes.

Paula just used the word juxtaposed properly! She is more lucid than I have ever seen her. Last week she said that the audience should not be “infected” by what the judges say.

7. Alaina Whitaker: I like this little girl. For true vocal talent, I would say she is in the very top. She has inevitable Carrie Underwood comparisons coming towards her in the future. Ooh, she has hit a couple of sour notes. (Sometimes she lets the song get away from her). I stand by her, though. She is only 17.

8. Alexandréa Lushington: This girl looks completely different every time I see her. Hey, she is singing Chicago. Aw. She sounds completely flat. But consistently so. Maybe that is good. She has a lovely vibrato. I hate the way she ended the song. She makes Ryan Seacrest look like he is 3 feet tall. But she does not seem to be that tall… I guess he really is short.

9. Kady Malloy: She looked like she was going to tumble down the stairs. I think I like this girl, but I don’t know. I don’t like her voice for this song. Nor the fact that she is wearing leggings. She sounds like she is masking her voice by shoving it deep into her throat/nasal passage. I did not like it. (Dammit Simon, quite thinking like me. He just made mention of her singing in the back of her throat.)

10. Asia’h Epperson: Holy cow, she looks like she is trying to look like Rashida Jones, now. She is frickin’ adorable. The beginning of this song seemed too hard for her. Then her first higher note she missed altogether. Ooh, that was a seriously flat note. She is gonna get reamed for this. Or, she’ll be told she did a great job. Whatever, I like her. I agree with Simon. The song was for a better singer than her.

Say goodbye to Amanda Overmyer, or maybe hmm.. I would say Kady Malloy but I think people will like her personality more than Ramiele, so let’s say Ramiele.


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