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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Winners

The Snarkademy Award winners:

Dave was the big winner of the picks. He apparently did not want the prize. I had to chase him down. Hmm, maybe he just did not want photographic proof that he knows me. But you DO know me, fool! And ya lurrve me.
Brian, my movie partner, won for best accessories as he came with a cowboy hat and crunked out teeth. The bling cell phone sold it. Yay, crunked out teeth. (No, he is not wearing them here... tee hee)

Honorable mentions go to:

Marci: Most shocking (Paparazzi) She won Aftershock Liquor.

Rachel: sweetest (Brokeback Mountain. She wore a cowboy hat and stolen cowboy boots. Hmm, that's not so sweet, Rachel:) She won a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates.
Here she is with Angel and their goodie bags.

Nick: most rocking. (Johnny Cash) He won a bag of pop rocks.

Least amount of correct Oscar picks
David: He won two blow pops.


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