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Saturday, March 04, 2006

What I did today instead of my homework.

I spent the whole doing anything but what I blew two people off for. I did no homework. None. What I did do includes the following:

I caught up on people's blogs.

I watched some tv. I also watched Pride and Prejudice. Another Oscar nom. before the big show tomorrow night!

I did some laundry. Have not put any of it away yet. Lazy!

It's been a rough day. Mac and Cheese comfort food!

Rice Krispy treats for my guests for the Oscars. At least I got SOMETHING done that I needed to do. Jeepers. AND I have managed to keep from eating them so far.

Other things I have done:

  • rinsed my mouth (my toothless gaps) out several times.
  • Watched the finale of Celebrity fit club. Them folks still be fat.
  • Had a concert where I was the star. I totally rocked!
  • Put together some goody bags.
  • Lounged about feeling lazy. Not good.

Things I did not do:

  • Get dressed completely. Still in my pj pants.
  • Shower..
  • leave my house
  • DO MY 3 FREAKIN' RESEARCH PAPERS (that are due on Monday whether I laze about all day or not. ARGH!!!!)


Blogger Claudette said...

Aside from being bummed that I could not partake in the 'uh-mah-gawd, what is she wearing?' session that goes on throughout the red carpet coverage, I think I am most sad about missing out on the 'products' and the rice krispy treats.

3/06/2006 02:48:00 PM  

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